Kristin Gillan – Vibration Healing with Color

Description of Services: 

COLOUR WISDOM, LLC – Wednesdays 12 – 5:30 PM

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“Being fascinated by the vibration of our world, the science of cellular communication, by light and the beauty of spirit, I became certified in a form of chromo therapy that uses a light-pen and colored crystals, called Color Puncture. Color Puncture is based in ancient wisdom and Chinese Medicine, rooted in naturopath principles. I recognized the deep healing towards wholeness and the pure connection to Source this therapy promotes. A color facial is a gentle, non- invasive treatment, creating deep relaxation, harmonizing and integrating body-mind, heart and soul, revealing one’s inner radiance.” (45 mins. – $80)



Kristin Gillan has spent 30 years working in a traditional medical environment but has always wanted to expand the scope of practice towards wholeness.  She has a background in Reiki, has studied the Syinthesis® Sound Healing Method with Lee Ann Dz and is steeped in ritual and ceremony as an ordained Interfaith Minister.  She is certified in Colorpuncture and is thrilled to offer this therapy at the Syinthesis® Sound Healing Center.