Autumnal Equinox

AUTUMNAL EQUINOX 2020 is here!! The spiritual mysteries around this seasonal cycle are PURIFICATION AND TRANSMUTATION.It is a joy to guide you with the vibration of pure tones, to stabilize and harmonize any tentative inner walking, as equality and wisdom of self, births a greater expression of union. Vibration healing is essential more than ever today to keep the self energetically clear calm and coherent. When we retune the self, we assist Mother Earth to restore her natural vibration in harmony, re-weaving her energies in the Web of Life. Now is the time to mindfully pull weeds of entanglement (emotional attachments), remove rocks of rigid held beliefs (mental constructs), reap your harvest with gratitude from last year, and wholeheartedly plant new seeds of truth in the soil of your soul garden. As we enter into the Autumn Seasonal Cycle we experience pure balance between light and dark. We begin to enter into the ‘in-breath’ cycle of Autumn/Winter, we take our focused awareness inward, embody our light within, gradually step into our internal hibernation. Although we are living in a time of great change, challenge, and ultimate in-lightening expansion for humanity – we shall continue to stand strong and steady in the light of our souls, as we pour forth unto our world, PEACE LOVE GOODWILL AND SOLIDARITY for ALL. So shall it be and help us all to do our parts. Visit me to stand in the Schumann Frequency or have a 15 minute chakra re-alignment to keep your energy body harmonically clear and humming – just give me call (414.801.1002) or email me at Of course — register for the rest of the year for the sound healing journeys, as they are filling quickly at Autumnal Equinox Blessings to you!!