Sound Healing

Crisis Precedes Transformation

The nature of our time calls for deep healing collectively and personally.  Through this current worldwide health crisis, we are learning that self-care and nurturance are a priority, while we reach out to help those in need.  It is our spiritual strength individually and collectively that will support us through these times of trial. We Read More

The Spiritual Mysteries of Autumn

It is a joy to guide you with the vibration of pure tones in the Lotus Heart Sound Journey, to stabilize and harmonize any tentative inner walking, as equality and wisdom of self, births a greater expression of union.  When we retune the self, we assist Mother Earth to restore her natural vibration in harmony, Read More

The Pythagorean Monochord Table

Become a resonant chamber with sound, vibrating from the inside out.  This magnificent sound table creates a whole body experience, harmonizing the cells, tissue structures and bones.  Through the conduction of sound, as you lie upon the monochord table, you become part of the ensemble.  You are one with the harmonic overture, not only hearing Read More

Vibration Healing

I believe we all agree that certain sounds and specific music makes our heart sing and our soul dance. Quite literally, the vibration of sound has a powerful effect on human consciousness. Thus vibration healing, an ancient technique of energetic healing, quiets the chatter of the mind, transforms inner chaos to calm, while soothing physical Read More

The Sonata of the Master Musician

Written by: William Meader Sound gives birth to all that is. It is the power behind existence itself, and the universe is merely its outer effect. At first glance this may seem a strange notion. Yet, within Christian theology we are told that creation came forth in response to the “Word.” In the East we Read More

The Mandala of Sound

A Sound Mandala of sacred geometry energetically is woven in the field, like a blueprint of frequencies, resonating a synthesis, contributing to the full expression of One-Self, an unfoldment of self, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. An exquisite measure of geometric design forms from sound, beginning at the beginning, the center point of Divine Creative Read More

The Harmonic Union of Imagery & Sound Healing

Published in “Health Wisconsin” August 2010 The Power of Vibrational Healing Think of your favorite song. Or maybe the song you were married to. Or the lullaby your grandma used to sing to you. Or your favorite mantra or chant. Go ahead and imagine it. Actually sing it to yourself in your head. And now, Read More

How Sound Healing Works

Sound is transformed into vibratory energy by the eardrum and then into electrical and chemical energy. When the brain hears different melodies, it can dispatch these melodies through the neo-cortex to the molecules of the body. Sound healing translates to healing on many levels, bringing balance to imbalance, relaxation to contraction, and release to constriction. Read More

Two laws of Physics as it relates to Sound Healing

The Law of Entrainment Inner-work is based on vibration. Everything is energy. And when there is a particular note or sequence of harmonics that registers within your energetic system, it potentially unlocks cellular memory — sort of like a key in the keyhole — the doors open and whatever was waiting to be released it Read More

The Sound Mandala of Harmonization

The Sound Mandala of Harmonization By Lee Ann Dzelzkalns, M.S. Mandala in SANSKRIT means CIRCLE. It’s a synthesized structure organizing itself around a unified point or center. It reveals how we are connected from this unified center, thus representing wholeness, oneness, and unity. It radiates outward from whence we have come, rippling, reflecting, and synthesizing Read More