Children Adventure in Sound, Scent, & Movement

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Ages 5-8

Class Capacity: 12

This program creatively enhances children’s curiosity to seek and find calm and balance in their body-mind-heart through adventurous activity. They will experience the benefits of playing and sounding the singing bowls, moving their body and smelling an essential oil. It is a fun way for children to listen, to feel, to play, and learn what makes their body-mind-heart happy and harmonic. As they adventure within, they will begin to discover their own gifts and treasures.

Kim Hall, teacher and facilitator, is known to many for her loving, energetic, ‘keep it movin’ personality. She specializes in fostering children’s self-esteem and setting them up for success. Not only is she a positive pioneer, she has a Degree is Marketing, is an author, Numerologist, Reboundologist, Reiki Master, Essential Oil Therapist, and studied with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Vipassana 10 days of silence.

Kim Hall with children and singing bowls