Colorpuncture with Jill



Colorpuncture works with the vibration of color, utilizing colored light wands. Precise sites on the body are stimulated with specific colors according to protocols developed by German naturopath, Dr. Peter Mandel, to elicit a desired response. This holistic, completely non-invasive technique of acu-light therapy has been shown to assist healing at the physical, emotional, and soul/spirit levels.

Sonshine Colorpuncture, LLC specializes in providing holistic, supportive treatments to individuals afflicted with the disease of addiction who are actively pursuing recovery via more traditional methods. Recognizing that this disease also affects the family and other support individuals, I offer Colorpuncture treatments to ease their stress and anxiety, or to help them to heal after a loss.

I lost my son, Bryan, to an accidental overdose in 2017. He is my sonshine and the force that has directed me onto this path to help others afflicted with or affected by this disease. My work is done in a loving, supportive environment, free of judgment, which may lead to a fuller, more robust recovery to a productive and authentic life.
Jill Barney, BS, MS, Certified Colorpuncturist


Jill Barney spent 40+ years doing scientific research in human physiology at the VA Medical Center. She was called to the holistic technique of Colorpuncture, with its proven scientific basis and demonstrable results that it heals and integrates body, mind, and spirit.

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