Crisis Precedes Transformation

The nature of our time calls for deep healing collectively and personally.  Through this current worldwide health crisis, we are learning that self-care and nurturance are a priority, while we reach out to help those in need.  It is our spiritual strength individually and collectively that will support us through these times of trial. We can navigate these times as we pull together, standing (metaphorically), hand-to-hand, heart-to-heart, mind-to-mind and soul-to-soul, guided by the Great Ones That Go Before Us, directing the evolution of humanity and the Earth.

As we realize the power in simplicity and to live the axiom, ‘less is more’ we can create a positive ripple-effect with intention to slow this virus down and live from love.  Can we learn to live more from a space of trust in the spiritual (rather than feed the fire of dense energies of fear), knowing there is a higher purpose in all things, no matter how traumatic they appear.  How do we find our quiet center when we have given power to the fight of flight response, where the sympathetic nervous system has spiked because those around us are in panic.  If we can maintain a calm, heart-filled countenance, it will assist those around us to gently reduce anxiety.

Gather yourself deep in, take time to relax on each exhalation, rejuvenate your body and feed your soul with the beauty and love of nature, grounding deep into the essence of self and our evolving humanity.  We can find peace in the corners of self as we take the time to sit quiet and envision our healing, evolving humanity, elevating its’ resonate frequency, coming together in peace, love, goodwill and solidarity.  May we stand strong and steady in the light our soul, grounded to the heart of Mother Earth, as we re-stabilize, re-harmonize and re-calibrate the resonant frequency of our body mind heart and soul.  (Watch for upcoming videos of the Lotus Heart Sound Journey)

With a deep bow ~ Lee Ann Dzelzkalns