Divinity Within – Inspiration by M.V. (19 years old)

“This piece illuminates the “divinity within.” It was a subconscious example of the renewal of the light within myself inspired by the work I was doing with Lee Ann (L A Consulting) and Syinthesis®

 The light within is divine. It is a person’s true essence. Our essence is always present however; it can be lost on a conscious level. The most inspiring thing about “divinity within” is the symbolism present, because I was unaware of it while I was creating the piece.

 Everything from the color to the number of petals on the lotus illustrates the transformation that I experienced to discover my lost essence… my own divine light.” M.V., 19 (August 2012)

Lee Ann shared some of the symbolic meaning of my drawing below.

 LOTUS FLOWER:  a symbol of the unfolding of self, petals of self unfold in right time and order as we learn life lessons, listen to inner guidance and insights, and purify our emotional-mental well-being.  The jewel in the lotus represents the essential self. This is when we come to find the ‘Truth of Being’ and the realization of self.  We come to this opening of the heart through deep introspective and self-discovery.

The PINK of this beautiful lotus is pure LOVE.  The tips of the lotus create a framing effect of golden essence.  This golden essence speaks of the Divine Presence and Essence in All Things.  The Golden Ratio (Pythagoras) and the Divine Proportion deepens into the study of esoterics and the hidden phenomena of what is ‘truth and what is an illusion”.  Divine proportion is inherent in the rhythm of life and all of Nature.

NINE PETALS shown on the lotus petal represent a full cycle of COMPLETION.  It is the number of universality, love, understanding and humantarianism.

THE HAND:  Five fingers represent 5 = Change, Adventure & FREEDOM.  It represents the five-pointed star and the Human Soul.

The LEFT hand symbolizes ‘TO RECEIVE”.  The blue fingernails represent “spirit and heaven” — as red represents Earth. However the light blue is usually associated with the throat chakra and expressing one’s truth and creativity.

The RING on the THUMB is quite awesome.  “As I studied Vibration Healing and Qi Gong, I came to recognize the energy of the hand and what each finger means.  The THUMB = Opening of the Spiritual Space (within oneself) — Receiving and Being EMPOWERED by Universal Energy.”

GOLD STARS again represent the Divine Essence of life that we all embody.  The stars are FOUR pointed rather than five. This is particularly curious because the four points symbolize MANIFESTATION.  As well it represents STABILITY, system and order. It relates to Nature and Earth.  It relates to Endurance, Steadfastness, Practicality and Form.  The purpose of FOUR guides one to share knowledge and wisdom’.

ELEVEN stars are flowing from the Lotus Flower and/or from the heavens to the Lotus Flower.  The ELEVEN Master Number symbolizes ALTRUISM.  It relates to embodying humanitarian qualities with the goal of obtaining true mastership of service to others.  Pythagoras said, “Eleven is the number of a cycle of new beginnings.”

Eleven shows us that we have all the power within us to change our environ-ments, to create new conditions, to build new bodies and new lives, all in harmony with the Divine Essence we each possess.  Eleven is the number of LIGHT.  Eleven stars = PURE LIGHT.  We are Divine Sparks of Light.

To Your Greatness of Being …..  Ms. M.V. (Milwaukee, WI)

In Love, Light & Truth ~ Lee Ann