How Sound Healing Works

Sound is transformed into vibratory energy by the eardrum and then into electrical and chemical energy. When the brain hears different melodies, it can dispatch these melodies through the neo-cortex to the molecules of the body. Sound healing translates to healing on many levels, bringing balance to imbalance, relaxation to contraction, and release to constriction.

As music is vibration, our emotions and thoughts are vibration too. Sound unlocks whatever may be buried within our cells – though the vibration must match. So when a message has energetically circulated through the system, from the subtle bodies (electromagnetic field of energy), through the chakras (energy centers), to meridians (energy pathways), riding through the nervous system and blood – it ends up in a comfortable receptor site.

The message is carried by a neuro-peptide, also known as a ‘molecule of emotion’ (ie. Candace Pert, Ph.D. “Molecules of Emotion”) and travels along in the stream of fluid surrounding every cell, until it finds the perfect receptor site to lock in the message (emotional code). Wow! Sound helps unlock the cellular memory, together with the intention of the guide, to produce an environment conducive to eliciting higher states of conscious-ness, emotional release, and remain grounded in the present moment.

While we maintain integrity in thought, we can continue weaving a beautiful tapestry of resonance within the self, to remain balanced and centered.