It is a time of GREAT CHANGE.  We are evolutionary creatures moving into a major shift in this new age.  This transformative time in how we experience ourselves in the human process is based on the transition into the Aquarian Age from the 2,000-year Piscean Age.  We feel the shift tangibly – many don’t however, but recognize energetically something is happening.  We are also shifting a 5,000-year cycle known as the Buktun in the Mayan tradition.  In the esoteric tradition some say humanity’s evolution is shifting a 20,0000 year cycle as well.

Simply stating – for the last thousands of years, we have been living life with the consciousness of the “animal/human”.  We embody our human consciousness with animal appetites physically.  As we evolve at a higher turn of the spiral on our journey, we are coming into the nature of the ‘human/soul”.    We have been ruled by our powerful intelligence while simultaneously learning to manage our animal-type appetites, which we know falls sway to the human ego.  The ego does its’ best to maintain control of what is in alignment with its’ desires.

Now this SHIFT into the new Age of Synthesis offers us an inner prompting, an internal nudge, a sense of paying attention to one’s ‘knowingness’ and intuitive hits.  We are willingly ‘opening the doors within’ to access our inner world of meaning and balance it with the outer world of form (the subjective and objective).  We are gaining knowledge of the BIG Picture as we dive into the ‘truth of being’.  The higher intuitive aspect of self is how the soulful self creates and thinks.  It knows the Truth.  This is why any type of internal cultivation study and experience is essential to adjusting to this new evolving self (i.e. meditation, sound healing journeys, Qi gong, yoga, acupuncture, contemplative prayer, conscious movement, artistic expression, chanting)

We are spiritual beings fully grounding into the human condition, rather than the other way around.  Most of us have thought we are human beings striving to have a spiritual experience.  So it goes ….. the best way to move with grace and ease into this new way of ‘being’ is to learn to just ‘be’ grounded in the ‘truth of our being’ the Essential Self in this glorious human condition.  Yes it is ……. We can’t be fully human if we miss the sacred purpose of ‘being’ here.

Think about all the scenarios you have been experiencing that feel like you are itching to get out of your skin.  Situations of physical, emotional and mental re-evaluation and transformation are occurring at the deepest levels of self.  It is hard to fully explain the depth of this great change, but it is based in the evolutionary measure of our human evolution.  If we can open our arms and hearts to know that we are more than we thought and to realize that we are that which we seek, we will shift gracefully.

It really stops us in our tracks to recognize the energetic impulse of the universe and that we are connected to All That Is.  We are truly one with All That Is, but find it hard to believe because day in and day out, we are caught up in the hypnotic state of the world.  But the world is gradually changing – that is why we are experiencing the tumultuous times as we are.  It is the time of transition from one age to the next and resistance on all levels holds on tight.

When we begin to understand the magnitude of the part we each play in this Great Shift, then we can put down our ego-centered swords and redirect our focus toward the Greater Good of the Whole.  Many are doing this now and many more are re-awakening to this dramatic shift in consciousness.

Every single one of us is gradually emerging in our Essence Self.  We are believing in the One-Self and listening to our inner guidance.  We are following the inner call and refusing to play games, be manipulated, or fall into the trap of illusion based on another’s storyline.  We are learning to face what is before us and courageously venture forth believing and knowing what is right and true for the ‘greater good’.  We are entering into a time of true community and collaborative effort, while we leave behind the me-ness driven awe of the teacher on the pedestal. Thus the me-ness is shifting to the we-ness, wholeness, oneness and service in the world.

In this time of change, we must remember there is a seed of greater benefit in all situations.  And this situation is life-changing, an aeon of change.  The synthesis of our divine nature and human nature is paving the way into this new age, and the Divine Feminine Mother impulse is the profound harmonic resonance guiding us.

When we speak of subtle energies and our intuitive nature, it is the feminine principle that guides us back to harmony and balance within and without.  It is She that directs us back to our non-dual nature.

As we get quiet and go within to discover and uncover our original state of unity consciousness, we begin to recognize that we are that which we seek.  Realize the Self and all else is realized.  We begin to live authentically, have authentic relationships, while dissolving humanity’s addiction to victimization.

Our Essential Self guides us through the emotional storms.  It is our own minds and hearts that are being impressed with the higher vibration of universal impulse to create the ‘shift’.  We make the choice to listen or not.  We make the choice to willingly open our hearts and minds to ‘be’ all that we are and have always been from the beginning of time.  We make the choice to stand strong and grounded in the truth of who we are and what our sacred purpose is being here.

As difficult as this concept of Shifting can be for most – it is the basic organic process of ‘birthing’ a new consciousness – and ‘we’ are all in this together.  Really!  Whether you sense it, feel it, believe it or not  – it will present in your consciousness soon enough and then you are going to ask – “Who Am I and what is my sacred purpose in being here?”  ~ L A