Kristin Gillan – Color and Sound Vibration Therapy

COLOUR WISDOM, LLC                                                               

Color and Sound Vibration Therapy – Wednesdays 12 – 5:30 PM

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ColorPuncture is based in ancient wisdom and Chinese Medicine.  This gentle non-invasive therapy, uses a light pen with color crystals on acupuncture points, promoting deep relaxation and balance in our bodies, minds and spirit.  Kristin also uses sound, blending the pure tones of the Lydian chimes creating an overture of harmonious vibration bringing us back to our true nature.  This work opens ourselves to our feminine empowered grace, aligns our energy management system and is designed to resonate with the Lotus Heart Sound Journey.

KRISTIN GILLAN is a behavioral health nurse.  She is a Reiki practitioner, a facilitator of the Syinthesis® Sound Healing Method and an ordained Interfaith Minister.  She is certified in Colorpuncture and specializes in relaxing treatments with deep rejuvenation.