Numerology Reading with Kim Hall


Numerology is the science of numbers, a universal language of love thousands of years old. The Egyptians, Greeks, Phoenicians, Chinese, Hindus, East Indians, Chaldeans were all great numerologists.

Pythagoras the father of numbers lived in 600 BC. He gave us geometry, the Pythagorean Theorem and phonics. He taught Plato and Socrates and dealt with the interplanetary mathematics used in space travel today. He set up the first university in history and brought forth the theory of sound. You can access this through the Music of the Spheres.

Today we take numbers for granted, life changes with the awareness that everything exists because of numbers. Numbers surround us daily: date/time, receipts, license plates, birthdays, phone numbers, and lottery numbers. All of them have a meaning, a purpose and all are ways that we are being spoken to, if we choose to listen.

The mysteries of the God force can be discovered through your birthday and name numbers. The vastness of numerology can give us insights into our life’s purpose. Understanding the numbers can bring a sense of rhythm and peace.

Kim Hall offers several fun ways for you to tune into your personal numbers. She is a believer that when life has a flare of fun, more good things can be done. Her love for numbers, essential oils and sound integrate to create an experience quite profound.

3 sessions available can open you up to your purpose, feeling more pleasure and discover your inner treasures. Kim opens each session with prayer, sound, and essential oils to open our heart and mind to listen to the divine. You can simply start with a short and sweet birthday session for a taste of numerology, or engage in your big picture.



Birthday Reading (33 minutes): $55.00
Open with prayer, sound and essential oils to open heart and mind.
We focus on your Birth Path, Spiritual Birthdays, and Personal Year purpose.

Name and Birthday Reading (55 minutes): $111.00
The name on your original birth certificate and birthday needed when booking appointment.
All the above included plus your Name numbers: Hearts Desire, Destiny, Essence, Pinnacles and Challenges.

Name, Birthday + past, present, future view (1hr 11min): $188.00
The name on your original birth certificate and birthday needed when booking the appointment.
All of the above are included: plus we look at your past numbers, and future positive potential.

Kim @ (262) 228-8982