Poetic Jewels


When you step into this world, you are filled with limitless potential, You have not had much time to be cautioned about the influential. But this limitless potential is within you for all your existence,You just need to recognize your goodness, with love and persistence.The fact remains so clear, to embrace all that you are,
Accept yourself for the essence in you, let go of contracted scars.Limiting scars are mental thoughts produced only by you, Acknowledge what they are, release them, say they are through!

Try not go give them power, otherwise they will grow and grow, Do you know what I mean? Have you ever made yourself feel low? The choice is yours to peer deep within your heart, Realize you are a wonderful being, every inner and outer part.

To accept yourself unconditionally means there are no limitations, To value yourself as a worthy human being, an incredible creation. It really doesn’t matter what other people think, it is up to you what counts, this is truly the missing link.

When you believe in yourself and the truth of your being, You will open your inner eyes to illumination, clarity in seeing. Trust as you go within yourself, flow with unfoldment of grace, This is your essence, your spiritual source, it will bring light to your face.

As you learn the acceptance of self, you will live fro the inside out. This will make a difference in daily living, you will see without a doubt. If you want to change how you view yourself strictly on the outside,
Think about your inner dialog at the center of which you abide.

You are filled with inner integrity, honor yourself through and through. Make the day special, affirm your goodness, embrace all that is new. It is in your personal transformation that growth continues to soar, As you accept the goodness of Grace bestowed upon you forevermore.

Lee Ann Dzelzkalns


This poem is meant for you, as I hold you in my mind. I realize your thoughts are racing as you search to seek or find, That clarity in seeing is masked by the world of form, what we’ve grown to know as societal and cultural norms.

Although your will expresses weakness by the gripping vultures of past, make the conscious choice to break patterns, they don’t have to last. Fear is the greatest obstacle to clarity in your life, reason with your consciousness, free yourself, eliminate the strife.

Create the vision in your head of exactly what you desire, even though this is ego-based it will ignite your inner fire. To reach deep down to the core of being, your Essence graciously speaks, Through your personality it recognizes all you’ll find as you seek.

Clarify your purpose now, embrace the cavern’s depth inside, It is all you are in this unconditional love by which you truly abide. Surrender, release, accept what was, it is time to be all you, It is in this knowingness of clarity you will find the greatest gift, YOU!

Lee Ann Dzelzkalns


You can go through life without a clue of what it’s all about, Or take the time to go within, unfolding a purposeful route. Your mission on earth is unique and special to only you, It’s about learning lessons, inner strength, and being true.

Others may tell you what to do as you journey down your path, be open in your thought, release insecurities and feelings of wrath. Know that you have all the power within to do great things, the answers lie at your center, dig deep, see what it brings.

How do you listen to what life’s lessons really teach? Wait for unfoldment, this will challenge you to reach. Then the impression will come about what you are to learn, you will open your awareness to tackle every turn.

The same lessons come back time again, if you do not act, this is more than observation, this is universal fact.
When you get caught up in a pattern that won’t let go, recognize what is happening, then move through it slow.

Realize that life is an educational tool striving to instruct, the vision of what we create for ourselves isn’t fate or luck. What we do with the instruction and how we learn from it, is the difference between flowing in life or wanting to quit.

Life’s lessons come in all disguises as you discover within, to further your advancement here, stretching yourself to win. It’s not about winning a race, or being better than another, it is inner love, integrity, and loving your sisters and brothers.

Know the choice is truly yours, the impression is in your heart, you decide to learn or not, there is no trial to finish or start. Your journey is an accumulation of everything up until now, respect yourself where you are on your path and lovingly allow.

Lee Ann Dzelzkalns

Letting Go

Your beingness is light and free, know matter where you are. Teach others now about how to be, they will awaken and reach far.

As you surrender and lift up high, to a knowingness that is real. Stretch yourself to the majestic sky, as feet nestle in the earth to feel.

Rather than question your sense of direction, or why it is up to you. Let yourself make the natural selection,
truly let go and lovingly do.

Lee Ann Dzelzkalns


Does the body know the difference from “reality” and not? Is it encoded in the cells generating a stronghold of the lot? Can it hold the pain and discouragement, the grief and fear, resulting in an unconscious accumulation of sometimes years?

We don’t even realize the affect our lives’ woes create, when we manifest illness trying to make the crooked straight. Sometimes it is not a conscious act although it seem, could we possibly make ourselves sick, maybe it’s only a dream?

The different areas of the body, muscles and organs truly know, it is time to detach from guilt and allow love to grow. What do we do about this powerful connection of body and mind? Understand the delicate nature of attachment and the kind.

Holding on to resentment, anger, fear, and unconscious stuff, drive a deeper wedge in time until consciousness says enough! Take the time to recognize your feelings, deal with them now, It is in the present moment, where you feel empowered – POW!

Function from the core of your being, the essence of inner truth, you will begin to release the pain, regardless of pudding or proof. As you release the control of emotions that you gave power to, beyond you will find a new horizon for life to travel through.

Detach from the grip of issues and fears, forgive and move on. Release the attachments with which you have become so fond. The material possessions and relationships just the same, Can be detached through the love of the conscious choice game.

You will find that detachment brings freedom, unity, and space. It encourages a sense of enlightenment illumined only by Grace. Trust your inner guidance, as you willingly detach and let go, be all that you are as you soar in the realization, that you do know.

Lee Ann Dzelzkalns


Sound is a Form of Energy Medicine

As we embrace the understanding that sound is a potent form of energy medicine that entrains us to the vibration of our essence, the universe—a beautiful re-balancing of our life force—we reawaken the blossoming expression of One-Self. When our heart opens the doors within to nurture peace, love, and goodwill, it touches humanity. It is our birthright to acquire right relationship in all things and ‘be’ the path of wholeness.

Lee Ann Dzelzkalns

Conditioned Thoughts

Open up your vision to new beginnings now,
See how conditioned thoughts restrict and not allow.
They keep you locked up in your self-imposed chains,
As you struggle desperately to make personal gains.

These conditioned beliefs have been a part of your being,
Take the time to learn from the, eyes open wide for seeing.
Face them and embrace the fact that they exist in you,
Then have the willingness to erase them to create the new.

Conditioned thoughts may perpetuate insecurities and lack,
The control itself is conditioned, unaware of its tact.
Not feeling ‘good enough’ is conditioning from the past,
Acknowledge these thoughts so they do not have to last.

While the ego nature is most resistant to change,
It is your spiritual unfoldment that compels you to arrange.
As you break up the old patterns conditioned within,
Your spiritualness will emerge to humbly win —

To win the essence that has always been a part of you,
Embrace the exhilaration of feeling whole and truly new.
Experience enlightenment deep within your core,
Step into your inner space, experience peace forevermore.

Excerpts from VIEW FROM THE MOUNTAIN: A Journey Into Wholeness
By Lee Ann Dzelzkalns

Poised in Presence

Build it and they will come. Offer it and they will discern. Deliver it and they will learn. Guide them and they will receive. Love them and they will transform. Teach them and they will unfold. Nurture them and they will trust. Show them and they will know. See them and they will shine. Hear them and they will vibrate.
Celebrate them and they will arrive.

Lee Ann Dzelzkalns

To Find a Buddha

To find a Buddha, all you have to do is see your nature. Your nature is the Buddha and the Buddha is the person who is free. Free of Plans. Free of Cares. If you don’t see your nature and run around all day looking somewhere else, you will never find a Buddha. The truth is, there is nothing to find. But to reach such an understanding you need a teacher. And you need to struggle to make yourself understand.




Energy stirs in my core to awaken the sleep-filled dark A grand illumination, a self-realization recognizing my angel’s hark. I encounter deep trust to let go and reveal what is erupting in me To free myself of guilt and fear, the root system I clearly see.

My depths of knowingness loosen within for conditions to release, I acknowledge the emotions as they surface, honor them and feel peace. Sometimes I make the choice to feel it again, forgive myself and be, Open in my heart, free in mind, my spirit available to be all of me.

I am all that I am, lovingly connected to Universal Source Expanding conscious awareness, sharing my true course. As I surrender and forgive, I detach and rise above, I embrace serenity and freedom now, the truth of unconditional love.

Lee Ann Dzelzkalns

Dominion Over It

“And the Truth turns out to be nothing less than the amazing but undeniable fact that the whole outer world – whether it be the physical body, the common things of life, the winds and the rain, the clouds, the earth itself – is amenable to man’s thought, and that he has dominion over it when he knows it.”

Emmet Fox, “The Sermon on the Mount”

Love has no desire but to fulfill itself to melt and be like a running brook that sings its melody to the night.. To wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving.” ~ Kahlil Gibran

“If we learn to open our hearts, anyone, including the people who drive us crazy, can be our teacher.” ~ Pema Chödrön


“Nowhere can man find a quieter or more untroubled retreat than in his own soul..” ~Marcus Aurelius

“My first memory is of light the brightness of light light all around.” — Georgia O’Keeffe