SYiNTHESIS® Sound Alchemy

……. where sound and silence meet

We are all in a significant time of transition. Each of us is being asked, on a soulful level, to let go of old conditioned patterns of behavior and thought, to move toward a harmonious, synthesized self. Our healing requires a sense of spirituality that recognizes our unique sense of being as part of and connected to a greater whole.

As we are able to find peace and balance within, we will touch the world around us in Truth, thus creating peace and balance globally.

When we gain the knowledge we have been given everything we need to make this soulful journey, the separate aspects of self come together into a state of wholeness. We gain the understanding that we behold the ability to assemble and use our life’s tools, lessons learned, symbolic revelations, all for the greater good of the whole. Blending our dual natures of joy and trauma, sorrow and laughter, male and female, yields a birthing through synthesis into a newness and origin of heighten awareness.

In order to discover the truth that ‘we are more than what we appear to be’ we venture on the path of direct knowledge, going within, learning to be calm in the midst of chaos, and do what our souls have come here to do. Thus we become more self-aware, self-responsible, and self-empowered.

The HEART is the Bridge. It is the point of integrating our higher nature and lower nature, our physical, emotional, and mental well-being, together with our higher mind and intuitive nature. We strive to be able to see, feel and know from our heart in order to heal all aspects of the self.

Vibration healing with sound assists in the healing process.   We each have a unique vibration signature regulating our health and well-being. Sometimes we fall out of tune, or harmony, like any tuned instrument, due to overuse and stress. To maintain balance in our constitution, we can use sound and vibration to re-tune and restore our body to its’ normal vibratory frequency.

Pythagoras did this, he taught us well, using music and sounds to heal patients. He found the vibration of sound created harmonic adjustments to transform imbalances to balance and open what was closed. Ancient healers of the world traditions had special rituals and harmonic chords to play and tone to, to elicit a healing outcome.

Vibration healing is a soothing modality of sound alchemy to foster the enhancement of one’s transformation and elevation of consciousness. Experience this in the Lotus Heart Sound Journey. Join us as we take the Journey-In on the road (TBA on website).