SYiNTHESIS® Sound Healing Method – Training

The Art of Vibration Healing

Sound Healing Facilitator Training in the Syinthesis® Method

TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED for 2019-2020.  Lee Ann Dzelzkalns is taking a sabbatical from training in her sound healing facilitation method in 2019 – 2020 to dedicate time to writing, creating and producing.  Please inform her of your interest in training in the Syinthesis® Sound Healing Method, as she will send you information and references for self-study and direct you to other programs if you are interested.

The sounds we create, when issued with pure intention, transmit love and awaken the heart.  Spiritual development can be facilitated through the use of sacred sound.  The inner path of purification requires that we undergo a process to clear, blend and synthesize dissonant tones of the personality into the resonant tones of the soul.

Sound vibration carves new neural pathways through the brain where memory and emotion co-mingle and assist in letting go of the old while creating opportunity for the new.  This enables a deepening in the inner journey and a movement beyond the intellect resulting in emotional opening, calming and clarity.

This training curriculum has been transformed into a personalized approach. It is meant to accommodate you where you are on your path and in your healing practice, so Lee Ann can best guide you to refine yourself, as well as your current practice being of service in the world.  This personalized training is for a select few ready to dive into a depth spiritual practice of ancient wisdom combined with science-based research.  This is not for everyone, as you must be able to embody the methodology and create your own authentic soulful presentation of it.

This training curriculum will assist you to become a facilitator of sound healing journeys.  You will learn to create a sound healing vibration experience coupled with rich nature imagery (symbols) and sounds to help restore the energy body of your clients/groups back to their natural frequency and state of balance.  The alchemy of this soul-centered journey fosters internal adjustments (i.e. emotional healing, conscious awareness, awakened insights, psycho-spiritual integration) to become the living embodiment of one’s sacred presence.

There is an interview process prior to acceptance into the personalized coursework of the SYiNTHESIS® Sound Healing Method. Lee Ann has refined this training program to several weekends (it will be different for everyone), with a special focus on the pure tones of the Lydian Tubular Chimes made in Germany by Wolfgang Deinert, together with developing skills to become an effective sound healing facilitator.  There is a level of competency required prior to study (i.e. years of practice/study in a form of internal cultivation and self-transformation).

The training curriculum may vary in hours of study and practice for each individual, it is based on your needs, concerns, and objectives in becoming an effective sound healing facilitator.   Each training session will be configured based on your need.  The fee for individual training is based on an hourly rate of $105, as group gatherings will be $300/day) (Sat. 10:00 – 4:00 or Sunday 10:00 – 4:00 PM).  Each student is encouraged to participate in as many Lotus Heart Sound Journeys as possible to be familiar with the methodology.  They are offered to the public at the Syinthesis® Sound Healing Center twice per month.  Additional hours of apprenticeship round out the coursework with advanced training, which may take a few years to become proficient.  There will be Sound Labs throughout the year for students to practice, participate in Q&A and be part of the sound healing community.

PART I-IV covers the basics of sound healing, energy management, chakras, meridians, seasonal cycles, guided imagery, vibration of color, symbols and sacred geometry, sound healing facilitation synthesized with spoken audio (verbal guidance), how to assist the client understand their personal journey and the methodology for creating an effective sound healing journey.  A four-weekend course of study is proposed, which may take ten to twelve months to complete.

PART V includes the apprenticeship entailing many hours of accumulated practice with groups, individuals, case studies, journaling and testing.   With successful completion of testing, each student will be trained as a Sound Healing Facilitator.  Advanced study fills out the apprenticeship and is reflective of graduate work.

Some of the Course Content:

  • Scientific principles as it relates to the effect of sound on consciousness: The What? Why? How? of Sound Healing.
  • Universal Laws and Principles as they relate to vibration of sound
  • Alchemy of Sound healing (i.e. brain wave patterns, Pythagorean tuning, nature’s tuning, harmonic ratios, frequencies, etc.)
  • Spiritual development in correlation to the vibration of sound – color
  • What is soul’s creative process?
  • How is the New Age of Synthesis paving the way for the Sophianic Impulse?
  • How does the vibration of sound re-calibrate the subtle body?
  • Benefits of vibration of sound + symbol + color + intention + guided imagery
  • Attune to the rhythm of nature and seasonal cycles
  • Sound (Instruments) fundamentals – theory and practice (focus on Lydian Chimes)
  • Heighten your intuitive nature. How to make this a soul-centered experience.
  • How to be an effective sound healing practitioner
  • Create your own sound healing journey – Practice + Apprentice

Location: SYiNTHESIS® A Sound Healing Center – 4650 N. Port Washington Rd. Ste 330 Glendale, WI 53212

PART I-IV:  SOUND HEALING + Facilitation  

Sat/Sun, March 10 – 11, 2018  10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

HARMONIC Keynotes: The FOUNDATION of Sound Healing and the Art of Facilitating a Sound Journey

PART II:  RESONANT Frequencies:   Everything is Energy  Wolfgang Workshop Group

Sat/Sun. June 9 – 10, 2018 10 – 4:00 PM


Part III:   MELODIOUS Rhythms: The Sound Healing Journey

Sat/Sun. Sept. 29 – 30, 2018  10 – 4:00 PM


Part IV: SYNTHESIZED Vibration: Sound Vibration and Guided Imagery 

Sat/Sun December 1 – 2, 2018 10 – 4:00 PM

PART VCOSMIC Symphony: Apprenticeship

The Apprenticeship  

Personal Practice

  • Testimonials from clients and friends
  • Practice with Lee Ann + Offering your own Sound Healing Journey
  • Sound Healing Facilitator Code of Ethnics
  • Completion —  Advanced Study + Sound Labs offered as continued education

 PART I-IV + Apprentice/Practice = personalized hours

Syinthesis® Sound Healing Method Training

The SYiNTHESIS® SOUND Healing Method

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