Sacred Symbols

Symbols and shapes have presented to me for many years with a subtle inner prompting to explore and discover the hidden beyond. I remember when I was a child I would doddle squares and cubes over and again. Years later this childhood daydream turned into scribble transforming into triangles and spirals.

I would lie upon the grassy hill in the backyard and watch the clouds float by. I saw within the billowy texture of light blue sky, a canopy- like canvas of images transforming before my eyes. Albert Einstein encouraged us to be brilliant in our imagination. Most children have a wild imagination. I did too, but I went beyond child-like images to a mature rendering of symbolic intuition.

Symbols have become a language of great import to me. They are part of my daily existence. They are part of the fabric of my life. They speak to me in a language of divine proportion. Francine Hart, Visionary Artist, refers to sacred geometry as “the harmonic configuration of the soul” and the “divine rhythm which results in manifest existence.” I agree with her as Pythagoras taught in his Mystery School this very enlightening discourse.

I have recently learned from Dr. James Hopkins, a Pythagorean Harmonic Healer, Pythagoras’ harmonic frequencies resulted in physical adjustments and ‘soul adjustments’ with his patients. Pythagoras used music as medicine to heal patients on all levels. The vibration of sound births sacred geometry. Each sacred sound current carries an expression of geometry, yes, amazing sacred geometry.

Sacred geometry is an ancient science, a key to understanding the way the universe is designed. I have always felt connected to Source through symbols. I was studying symbols years ago and saw in a book, the words “God Geometrizes.” That made sense to me. Symbols contain a seed of greater benefit, a doorway to the inner realms, revealing a hidden truth to be discovered in divine right time and order. Symbols abound, in nature, dreams, people, situations, answers to questions suggested by the mere offering of the symbol. The presence of a symbol is a type of guiding light, a beacon of illumination heralding the way to higher learning.

A teacher of psycho-spiritual integration and sacred symbols, Jacquelyn Small, expresses, “Symbols are carriers of meaning and energy. They are messengers between the dimensions, bringing a language of a higher order into the world just beneath it.” She taught us sacred geometry is based on the Laws of Nature; motion, number, rhythm, vibration and frequency.

As I advance in my study of sound healing, I realize intervals created from harmonic frequencies display perfectly symmetrical geometric shapes. Certain shapes and their correspondent number lines serve as a guidepost or keynote for the qualities of life that manifest in our Universe and through us as souls. When we become self-aware we come to find the numbers and shapes that represent our authentic sense of Self.

We evolve consciously and our keynote or harmonic bio-signature (in sound, shape, symbol and geometry) elevates our octave of expression. As we grow, increasing our vibratory measure, we stabilize our divine design as a soul integrating with our personality. We lift up in frequency, we step higher on the octave of divine growth.

I am introducing sacred geometry and symbols to you through my website as an introduction to this world of esoteric meaning. Although a symbol will appear to you, its message may be hidden. It will be revealed to you in right time, its meaning of guidance in your life.

I have stories to share with you how the ‘synchronicity of spiritual unfoldment’ has presented in my life and my friends, through the divine guidance of sacred symbols, lessons learned and inner illuminations recognized. This guidance is true and of profound expression. The full flowering of self is a beautiful unfolding of self, layer upon layer, revealing the radiant ‘jewel in the lotus’.