sight_sound: chakras

Lydian Chimes Chakra Alignment Part II (4:24)

After listening to the pure tones of the chakras Base F, Sacral C, Solar Plexus G, Heart D, Throat A, Ajna E and Crown B, take a moment to be filled with the harmonics of the paired chakras D-G; A-C; E; B-F.  You will be guided to weave and synthesize the lemniscate or vertical figure Read More

Lydian Chimes Chakra Tones Part I – 4:27 (Pythagorean System)

Take time in preparation for your day to strengthen your subtle body and your energy centers.  Be imbued in the chakra pure tones and resonant frequencies of these extraordinary Lydian Chimes made by Wolfgang Deinert.  Follow Part I with Part II to balance and align your chakras while synthesizing the symbol of the lemniscate in Read More