sight_sound: Soul Calendar

The Soul Calendar & Lemniscate – Week 52

Week 52 When out of the depths of soulThe Spirit turns to the Cosmic life of beingAnd Beauty wells from widths of Space,Then out of Heaven’s distances there streamsThe force of Life into human bodiesAnd working mightily unitesThe Spirit’s Being with the being-life of Man.

The Soul Calendar & Lemniscate – Week 51

Week 51: Vernal Equinox – Expectation of Spring Into the inner Being of ManThe riches of the senses pour;The Spirit of the World now finds HimselfIn the mirror of the human eye,Which out of Him its powerMust now create anew.

The Soul Calendar & Lemniscate – Week 50

Week 50 There speaks unto the “I” of Man,Itself with might revealingAnd setting free its Being’s forces,The World-existence’s joy-in-becoming;“Into thee my life transportingFrom out of its enchanted bondI reach my own true goal.”

The Soul Calendar & Lemniscate – Week 49

Week 49 “I feel the power of Cosmic being-life”;So speaks my clarity of thought,Rememb’ring its own spirit’s growthIn dark of cosmic-nights,And to the new approach of cosmic dayIt turns its inward rays of hope.

The Soul Calendar & Lemniscate – Week 48

Week 48 Within the Light that out of Cosmic heightsWould stream into my soul with power,May there shine forth unraveling soul riddles,The Cosmic thinking’s certitude,And rallying its rays’ full mightAwaking love within the human heart.

The Soul Calendar & Lemniscate – Week 47

Week 47 There wills to arise from out the cosmic womb,Requickening the senses’ show, joy in becoming.May it find my thinking’s powerWell armed by very powers of GodWhich powerfully in me dwell.

The Soul Calendar & Lemniscate – Week 46

Week 46 The World is threatening to benumbMy Soul’s own inborn force.Now enter thou, my Memory;From deeps of Spirit shining forthAnd strengthen my beholdingWhich only through the force of willIs able to uphold itself.

The Soul Calendar & Lemniscate – Week 45

Week 45 The power of thought is growing firmIn union with the Spirit-birth;It lights dim stirrings of the sensesInto fuller clarity.If soul’s abundanceWould unite with the World’s becoming,Then senses’ revelationMust receive the light of thinking.

The Soul Calendar & Lemniscate – Week 44

Week 44 In grasping senses’ new enticementsMy clarity of soul,Now mindful of the Spirit-birth achieved,Fills wildering sprouting World-becomingWith my own thinking’s creator-will.

The Soul Calendar & Lemniscate – Week 43

Week 43 Within the wintry deepsTrue being-life of Spirit warms;It gives to world appearanceThrough heart’s own forces the power to be;Soul’s fire within Man’s inner BeingIn growing strong defies World-Cold.