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Lydian Chimes Tutorial

Lee Ann describes how the Lydian Chimes help to harmonize the chakras bringing balance to the energy body and health to the physical body.

Inspiration Ep.5 – CLARITY

The foundation of this poem is based on a true story of a friend, encouraging her to overcome gripping vultures of past harmful habits, to see more clearly her beautiful essence. This poem helps us cultivate a belief in self, to break free from self-imposed chains and stand strong in our love, light and truth.


As Conditioned Thoughts reside in the first gateway of deconditioning oneself, it powerfully expresses, as you are encouraged to open your vision to new beginnings now, to see how conditioned thoughts restrict and not allow. A gentle hand of rhythm and rhyme prompts you to believe in yourself and experience peace forevermore.

Inspiration Ep.3 – TRANSFORMATION

Enter the third gateway to dive into the depths of being pure spaciousness and boundless, radiant essence. You are guided to seek personal transformation by manifesting change within, carefully considering all parts of being then proceed to go in. It embodies a joyful frequency of truth, spirt and honor. The light of soul finds purpose.

Inspiration Ep.2 – LISTEN

Lee Ann shares the three poetic gateways we pass through as we travel upon life’s path to the mountaintop. The gateways are symbols of personal growth and spiritual expansion. Gateway I represents deconditioning of the self, release conditioned patterns of dissonant behavior. Gateway II reconditions the self to find balance, and harmony. Gate II symbolizes Read More

Inspiration Ep.1 – LESSONS

Lee Ann shares with us the inspiration behind her book “View From the Mountaintop: A Journey into Wholeness”  and reads her poem ‘Lessons’ to provide support and encouragement as we seek to find our ‘quiet center’ during this ‘world pause’ pandemic 2020.

Sound Scent and Movement with Kim and Lee Ann - Part 2

Children Adventure in Sound Scent and Movement – Part 2

Enter into a serene journey of guided imagery with harmonic healing vibrations to entrain the brain, relax the body, calm the emotions and still the mind. Led by sound healing practitioner, Lee Ann Dzelzkalns, with assistance by Kim Hall. Help spread peace, love, light and goodwill in the world, as Lee Ann shares her closing Read More

Sound Scent Movement with Kim and Lee Ann

Children Adventure in Sound Scent and Movement – Part 1

Join Kim Hall, grade school teacher and Lee Ann Dzelzkalns, wholistic consultant (specializes in sound healing), in a 20-minute adventurous journey to enhance children’s curiosity to seek and find calm and balance in their body-mind-heart. Through sound vibration, movement, imagery, breath, and scents, children are guided in a fun way to balance the body in Read More

Jackson Hole - A place to center yourself

Daily Centering with Harmonic Healing

This 12-minute video for daily centering offers a lesson associated with stillness and interruption (i.e. a maintenance man walks in unannounced, Lee Ann signals to him, while continuing to record). We all try to do our best to remain centered in the midst of chaos, to keep present in the here and now. This guided Read More


Join Lee Ann Fagan Dzelzkalns, as she facilitates her Vernal Equinox Lotus Heart Sound Journey 2020, where acoustic feminine wisdom is the creative force. This deepening experience of resonant frequencies fosters a re-calibration and re-balancing of the self, in a grounded simplicity of being one with All That Is. It is a divine carrier wave of pure love.