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Daily Centering with Harmonic Healing

This 12-minute video for daily centering offers a lesson associated with stillness and interruption (i.e. a maintenance man walks in unannounced, Lee Ann signals to him, while continuing to record). We all try to do our best to remain centered in the midst of chaos, to keep present in the here and now. This guided meditation was created to provide you a moment of respite in this time of interruption. May you drop-in to gently ride the sacred sound stream, experience the vibration of voice and pure tones (D & A) of the monochord. Settle in. Deepen in. Receive.

Be Still and know ……………

Note: It is recommended to use earphones or earbuds to fully enjoy the subtle nuances of the sound vibration.

Daily Centering with Harmonic Healing from Syinthesis® on Vimeo.

(Produced and facilitated by Lee Ann Dzelzkalns in the Syinthesis® Sound Healing Center, Glendale, WI March 2020)

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