Spiritual Alchemy

The art of living authentically is a mindful deliberate awareness of the present moment. We shift and transform our concept of self from what was a destructive framework to a constructive one, from an inner dialog of self-doubt to one of support and self-acceptance. When we redefine our inner life, we redirect our point of focus to a more empowering, positive, loving refinement of self. We are growing and evolving, we are becoming more aligned with the nature of all things. This process of expansion is known within the ancient mystery schools as Spiritual Alchemy.

This inner cultivation is notably about purification and refinement, from the inside out. We actually purge emotional attachments and rigid held beliefs that no longer serve a purpose. We empty out to be filled. We willingly release the conditioned patterns of behavior that no longer work because they are based on ego-centered reality rather than soul-centered existence. The practice of certain modalities will elicit internal adjustments of this ‘inner cooking’ (i.e. breathwork, sound healing, Qi Gong, Tai Qi, Yoga, guided meditation, meditation, mindfulness training, etc.)

When complexity is perceived simply and we synthesize ‘this’ and ‘that’; good and bad; opportunities and challenges, into an expression of the One, life can be lived with an internal coherence and harmony. We can recognize much as the Chinese, that all Nature is One, and we can bring ourselves to wholeness by embodying the One Song within (Uni-verse).