Join Lee Ann Fagan Dzelzkalns, as she facilitates her Vernal Equinox Lotus Heart Sound Journey 2020, where acoustic feminine wisdom is the creative force.   This deepening experience of resonant frequencies fosters a re-calibration and re-balancing of the self, in a grounded simplicity of being one with All That Is. It is a divine carrier wave of pure love.

Through a gentle entrainment of her sound alchemy, may your subtle body become more clear, your immune system strengthened, and any tentative inner walking more stabilized and harmonized, while synthesizing your divine and human nature as one.  May this harmonic overture support humanity’s transformation into a higher version of itself.  (With gratitude to David Vartanian of DV Productions, Milwaukee, WI, for his excellence in video and sound engineering.)

If you would like to bypass the introduction and get started with the Sound Journey click the chapter icon in the video player ( ) and select Chapter 2.

Note: It is recommended to use earphones or earbuds to fully enjoy the subtle nuances of the sound vibration.

If you embrace this work and want to see more, you can make a financial contribution through PayPal.

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