Spring LOTUS HEART SOUND JOURNEY – 50 min audio

Springtime represents new growth and resurrection in nature and the self. This deepening sound healing journey offers resonant frequencies to foster a re-calibration and re-balancing of self. Acoustic feminine wisdom is the creative force behind the harmonic healing overture of the Lotus Heart Sound Journey. It is by way of the Divine Mother, we are encouraged upon this path of purification, to release anything incongruent with our evolving self. Through a gentle entrainment of Lee Ann’s sound alchemy, the energy body becomes more clear, the immune system strengthened, and any tentative inner walking becomes more stabilized and harmonized, while grounding in the simplicity of being, one with All That IS. May this harmonic overture support humanity’s transformation into a higher version of itself. Self-transformation yields global transformation.

NOTE: It is recommended to use earphones or earbuds to fully embody the subtle nuances of pure tones in this sound vibration journey.

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