Soulful Guidance + Sound Healing Session with Lee Ann Dz

Personal Seed Truths

Lee Ann’s guidance is based in psycho-spiritual integration. It fosters a synthesis in mind-body-spirit, true inner harmony of self. As you plant seeds of truth in the soil of your soul, emotional weeds of entanglement will be cleared and potholes (knotholes) (shadowy corners of self) are filled with clarity.

90 minutes for $185
offered Tuesdays & Thursdays at 2:00pm or 2:30pm

NOTE: Lee Ann allows bookings up to 45 days in advance. If you don’t see a time available in the online booking system, please try again on the next Tuesday or Thursday evening when any new available sessions will be posted. Thank you!

For group (2+) private sound journeys, please read this pdf document for information and pricing.

I offer soulful guidance to assist you in the exploration and discovery of living a soul-aligned life.

Dynamic and magnetic guidance paves the way prior to each sound healing session. The intention of each session is that you receive what it is that you need, all in accordance with the will of your soul.

To yield a bountiful personal harvest of harmony, balance, clarity, wisdom and love, you commit to your path of life, learning life lessons, gaining insights and preparing the way before you. We engage in an honest dialog of truth, that you may cultivate your ‘true seed’, true self — god-seed of divinity.

The truth of the harvest ultimately unfolds ‘the rose of the soul’’ the full expression and embodiment of One-Self. As is the lotus of the East, is the rose of the West, the petals of self unfold unto one’s Truth of Being, whole and One with Life. We balance East and West within, while synthesizing the masculine and feminine principles as one. It is from this place of harmonic resonance we live an authentic life. Yes!! Yes to Life!!


Conscious commitment to self-transformation is planted.


Conscious intent to cultivate the fullness of life – to purify and clear the inner fields of self-distortion toward self-refinement is planted.


Conscious inner walking upon the path of life (learning life lessons and inner revelations) to re-member (and embody) the Truth of Being One-Self is planted.

Our task is to bring consciousness to all aspects of self, creating heightened spirituality within, unfolding the seed of Mastery, the True Self.

When we sustain inner harmony, we experience contact with our soul.

When we integrate our lower nature and our higher nature, we journey toward synthesis of self.

It is through expansion of consciousness we come to find our soul’s hidden potential, awakening our ‘Truth of Being’. In time we dissolve concepts and constructs and just ‘be’.

We return to nature, the Oneness, the pure love, the true seed and point of spiritual light.