SOUND Spa for the SOUL (day retreat) ~ May 12th & Nov. 10th, 2018

Enjoy a day immersed in the pure vibrations of sacred sounds.  Learn about the healing effects of sound vibration, sacred symbols and how you recalibrate and re-harmonize your circuitry (energy body).  Experience two sound healing journeys, in the morning and afternoon. Then take time to process your experience through creative expression, drawing, journaling, interpretation and sharing.

Between the sessions and during creative expression, each individual will have a ten-minute treatment on the Pythagorean monochord table with Lee Ann and stand in the resonant frequencies of the Schumann Gong Chimes (five).

This day spa is a soul-centered pilgrimage nestled in the energetic heart of the mother’s womb, the Center of Syinthesis® — open to twelve individuals.  These day retreats (9 – 5 PM), will be offered bi-annually in 2018 based on the Autumn/Winter seasonal cycle (Resonance of Purification & Rhythm of Creative Impulse) and the Spring/Summer cycle (Melody of Movement & Harmony of Synthesis).  As we are vibrational beings, flowing with the rhythms of nature, we may mindfully ritualize the tone of each season to ground into our Truth of Being.

SACRED SOUND Facilitates Psycho-Spiritual Integration

We strive to purify our lower nature (personality), while our higher nature (soul) illumines the personality. When our personality is ready and willing to ‘change its tune’, to resonate and vibrate in oneness with the soul, then the soul frequency of One-Self can expressively sound — and a ‘sacred chord’ is formed.   A beautiful harmonic overture of cosmic consciousness presents and the divine symphony of universal oneness resounds in the spaciousness of your being.


I look forward to facilitating this healing pilgrimage for you and the group.  Information will be sent out to you regarding details for the day upon your registration.

~ Lee Ann Dzelzkalns

Register early to secure your place — email — Cost: $140