Spiritual Alchemy

Authentic living is a mindful deliberate awareness of the present moment. We shift and transform the fluid moment from a point of balance and harmony. We learn to shift our inner self-talk from an old destructive framework to a constructive one, from a dialog of self-doubt to one of support and self-acceptance. When we redefine our inner life, we redirect our point of focus to a more empowering, positive, loving refinement of self. We grow and evolve from the inside out, we become more aligned with the nature of all things.

This process of expansion has been known within the ancient mystery schools as spiritual alchemy. This attunement of self is notably about purification and refinement deep in. We actually purge emotional attachments and rigid held beliefs that no longer serve a purpose. We empty out to be filled. We willingly release the conditioned patterns of behavior that no longer work because they are based on ego-centered reality rather than soul-centered existence. For those individuals committed to live life from a self-conscious aware posture, inner change ensues. Life experiences present exactly what we need to heal a hurt, a fear, or controlling aspect of self.

As this poignant quote guides us, “The Universe rearranges itself to accommodate our picture of reality.” Our thoughts, words and actions will continue to recycle back around if we don’t make a conscious choice to change them for the greater good of the whole.

The formula is simple, take one part ‘Inner Cultivation’ and one part ‘Intention’, you have begun the conscious process of self-expansion. A deep inner walking of what feels like a burning ground beneath our feet takes place. The dross of old burns away to create opportunity for the new. It is like a cooking process where steam rises from an inner churning in the friction of opposites, between the shadow and light aspects of self. According the Buddhist Tradition, the Medicine Buddha tells us that there are 84,000 emotional challenges and 84,000 remedies or antidotes for them.

The inner chemical process (alchemy) of internal adjustments transform the worn out feeling of discomfort and disharmony (a base metal like lead) to a refined essence of pure gold; in other words, a new level of comfort and harmony of self. The soul essence finds its way through the hearts expression, while the egos’ demands are less prevalent. We recognize we are living a higher life, we can view life with a higher viewpoint. We find the middle way to live life from. This point of balance and harmony is a position of true alignment with Nature.

In the beautiful Taoist tradition, the three treasures show us the Way. Above is the Heaven, the boundless domain of space, stars, sun, moon, Spirit, Yang and Shen. Below is Earth, the dense domain of solid stone, concentration, ground for the rootedness of life, our Body, Yin and Jing. The third treasure is the phenomenal synthesis and interaction of of Heaven and Earth, in our very hearts, to create Life. We harmonize the Yang and Yin, while Shen and Jing birth Qi, and Spirit and Matter (Body) express Mind. We have all the tools within us to heal and empower the self through conscious awareness and inner cultivation (alchemy).

The practice of certain modalities will elicit internal adjustments of this ‘inner cooking’ (i.e. breath-work, vibration sound healing, Qi Gong, Tai Qi, Yoga, guided meditation, meditation, mindfulness training, acupuncture, meditative treasure mapping, etc.)

The Hermetic Tradition was steeped in alchemy. The value they held in the highest regard alchemically was LOVE. Love was and is the focal point for all individuals to embody. It is through the alchemical process we come to recognize ‘that which we seek we are’. Jesus said, “I and the Father are One.” We come to find we are the love, the light and truth. In that revelation, we realize that we are one with the Beloved, the Essence of All That Is, Mother/Father God, the Truth of Being. The Divine Sophia expresses a full embodiment in the essence of Compassion, Love, & Wisdom. We are connected to this One Vibration – known to many as the Sacred Sound Current. When we awakened to our truth of being, we realize our higher life and sometimes our soulful destiny. And when we realize our higher life, a tremendous reconciliation dance of polarities occurs.

When complexity is perceived simply and we synthesize ‘this’ and ‘that’; good and bad; opportunities and challenges, into an expression of the One, life can be lived with an internal coherence and harmony.  We can recognize much as the Chinese, that all Nature is ONE, and we can bring ourselves to wholeness by embodying the One Song within (Uni-verse).

“May we each unfold a lotus petal of self within – a petal of ‘Holy Awareness’ – a tranquil knowing that we are the sacred human.” L A