Summer Solstice Keynote


Soon we shall embark upon the ritualistic endeavor of the Summer Solstice, the power of light. Early alchemists taught that true illumination and at-one-ment would be formed from a union of the Sun and the Moon. It is a time of blending the masculine and feminine nature within, for greater expression of a higher birth.

Whatever lunar cycle we are in, whatever planetary shifts are occurring, whatever change is seeking transformation in our soul’s journey, it is in relation to seeds of truth planted in our consciousness for us to awaken to ‘being’ — whole and One with All. It is time to awaken and feel, see, sense and know the essence of truth buried in our pureness of heart, woven in the fabric of our soul’s mission, and the erupting splendor in our spirit’s light.

We are all in a significant time of change, elevation in vibration, light and consciousness. Each of us is being asked, on a soulful level, to let go of old conditioned patterns of behavior and thought, to move toward a harmonious synthesized self. Our healing requires a sense of spirituality that recognizes our unique sense of being ‘one with’ rather than ‘separate from’. We are connected to a great whole – we are the wholeness, the greatness, the oneness. As we are able to find peace and balance within, we will begin to touch the world around us in Truth, thus creating peace and balance globally.

When we gain the knowledge, we have been given everything we need to make this soulful journey, the separate aspects of self come together into a state of wholeness. We gain the understanding that we behold the ability to assemble and use our life’s tools, lessons learned, symbolic revelations, all for the greater good of the whole. We blend our dual natures of joy and trauma, sorrow and laughter, male and female, to yield a birthing through synthesis into a newness and origin of heighten awareness.

The way of unity begins to percolate through every cell in our body. Growing into One-Self is the journey from separation to unity consciousness, from focusing on the self to centering on the group and sharing global, love, peace, solidarity and goodwill. We plant seeds of intention in our sound journey, meditation and quiet sitting.

Seeds of truth planted in the soil of our soul’s inner garden, germinate in time when we open our inner eyes with clarity and listen keenly with inner ears – the impression of soul will present, offering further cultivation of intuition. As we practice being present, we may heed the inner call. The frenetic energy of a fast-paced life attached to emotional outcome and mental mind-games, present weeds of entanglement that trip us up. Can we get out of our own way and be grounded in truth, clear our heads and free our hearts to experience Heaven on Earth? Yes! We are creating a New Earth, now!

The energies of change and transformation are ever-present in our daily lives. With effort and discipline we can make a difference in the world by creating conscious change within our own lives – practice yoga, meditation, Qi Gong, sound journeying, any/all internal cultivation.

During this time of Summer Solstice, seeds (of self) nurtured and nourished during Springs’ new growth, are now coming to fruition. The keynote of this Solstice is transformation and transmutation that instills a greater depth of spirituality. This is a time to open up to right relationship between our human nature and spiritual nature, between the masculine and feminine. Winter energies stimulate the feminine within us, as Spring energies are the time of the masculine. Summer is the time of bringing the two together to give birth to the Holy Child residing within each of us. The rhythm of summers’ energies lie in the unfoldment of balance in the LIGHT of TRUTH itself.

Seeds of truth come to fruition during this seasonal cycle in a beautiful rhythm of synthesis through the ‘power of light’, blessed in the essence of equality and wisdom. ~ Lee Ann Dzelzkalns, M.S.

~ Pure Light by David J. West Photography