Summer Solstice Light

Dear One & All ~  

Soon we shall embark upon the ritualistic seasonal cycle of the Summer Solstice, the experience of LIGHT. Summer Solstice is about transformation and transmutation that instills a greater depth of spirituality. This season delivers a keynote around ‘right relationship’, which connotes an integration of complements and the reconciliation of opposites. As winter symbolizes the feminine water mysteries within us, Spring symbolizes the masculine fire mysteries. Summertime weaves a synthesis of these previous energies to birth our nondual nature, our birthright. The rhythm of summer lies in the unfoldment of balance in the LIGHT of TRUTH itself.

We are in the approach of the new moon and solar eclipse on June 10th. They echo the empowering voice of life lessons to be made manifest in the truth behind our thoughts, words, and actions. The New Moon encourages us to get out of our heads and into our hearts, and begin to create opportunity for new energies, adventures and relationships. It is essential we maintain an attitude of gratitude for ‘All That Is’ and trust in the unfoldment of life’s outer lessons and soul’s inner promptings. The solar eclipse gives us an extra energetic boost of auspicious insight.

Whatever lunar cycle we are in, whatever planetary shifts are occurring, whatever change is seeking transformation in our soul’s journey, it is in relation to seeds of truth planted in our consciousness for us to awaken to ‘being’ – being one in the ‘nature of being whole’. It is time to awaken and know the essence of truth buried in our pureness of heart, woven in the fabric of our soul’s mission, the erupting splendor in our spirit’s light.

We are all in a significant time of change, elevation in vibration, light and consciousness. Each of us is being asked, on a soulful level, to let go of old conditioned patterns of behavior and thought, to move toward a harmonious synthesized self. We have walked through the gauntlet this last year and have been enlivened in many ways, as insights and revelations have paved the way for a new way of being. It is time to support the nature of our time through the energies of a collective, collaborative and cooperative sharing and caring with our sisterhood and brotherhood. The portal is opening in June for us to be more relaxed, trusting and expressive of our Truth.

Peace, love and balance are the ripple-effect we are manifesting now through our collective intention to be aligned in our own peace and love. Everyone matters. We are positively creating our New Earth, an awakening of stability, strength and new beginnings. The GRID OF LIGHT and LOVE we are building to stabilize planetary life is assisting all humanity amidst the changing frequencies and new rhythms to collectively settle into.

We are the interconnectedness of life – we are the wholeness, the greatness, the oneness. The hum of the universe is our life blood. We are journeying from separation to unity consciousness, taming the ego and integrating the little self into One-Self (the All). We are becoming centered on the group, on community, brotherhood/sisterhood, while we envision a world resonating pure love, peace, goodwill and solidarity. We’ve got this!! Yes!!

Love ~ Lee Ann Dzelzkalns