Dear Lee Ann,

Here is how I describe my first Sound Journey…

My experience of Lee Ann’s Sound Journey was simply and unexpectedly profound. Only 60 minutes, yet so rich with meaning and truly unforgettable, the journey has lingered with me and has indeed guided me in subtle, important ways for months since. I continue to explore the messages of a story which surfaced from my subconscious that evening. The experience shed a light ahead of me and I am so touched by it and grateful to Lee Ann for having provided this opening to begin to see my own deep knowing more clearly.

Most Warmly, Claire

What a powerful experience. Really quite something. I was able to remain close to the experience for some time after and had a very potent realization in the middle of the night. I think it was a high point not previously attained, and although I’ve now “come back down”, what I understood in that moment cannot be forgotten.

My sincere gratitude for the work you are doing.

Until we connect again, many blessings to you.


To me, Lee Ann is a modern day mystic invoking the beloved divine energy experienced in sound symbols rather than words. In this time of evolutionary change, experiences with Lee Ann create a vibration shift and realign me with the intention of the soul.


My Friend,

When speaking to you on Monday, I could feel you putting together recordings that would facilitate my journey. We hung up, and within minutes you had sent the first brief recording. As I listened, I could feel the vibrations going down my hand (holding the phone) down my arm and to my left leg. Your voice, your words, your tone – wisdom and technique culled from eons of time, which “hit” me spot on…..that appeared to be effortless on your part.

I am reminded of Dr. Suzuki, my friend. He listened to a child play and not only knew what to teach but what was going on at home, as well — like you do. In my opinion, you have progressed to the point that you are living the work. It speaks clearly and palpably in the recordings. You are as gentle as you are forceful; helping us to purify the self – refine us and awaken within us the highest joy.


Imagine the following scenario … You are stuck emotionally … you worry about many things … sometimes all at the same time … Your job, your finances, your health, your relationship, your children, your parents, your friends, your relatives … your whatever. You are stuck because you only focus on the problems (even if they are perceived problems) but you don’t have a clue how to even begin addressing them. You need a big emotional and pragmatic plunger to “unstuck” you. Then you find yourself in the presence of Lee Ann either in person or via her books or CDs. As you listen to her, you are not always sure you understand everything … it may even sound like a foreign language at times. Then something strange happens that is very profound …

The fog lifts and you start seeing things that you never had before. The clarity and the simplicity warms you with real understanding, hope and strength. You are no longer stuck. In a matter of minutes, you are flowing freely again.

I am an engineer with a Ph.D. I work at a very large company where I lead large and applied R&D projects to improve the lives of the people on our planet. By training, it is important for me to show how and why things work. However, I have no clue how Lee Ann does what she does so well and so consistently. All I know that when I am in her presence either in person or in spirit, I gain clarity which is all I need to begin addressing whatever I am dealing with at the moment.

Get to know Lee Ann through her books, CDs, seminars or in person. She will change your life in a very profound way. She did mine and my family’s.

Thank you, Lee Ann. Don’t stop!


Hi friend,

Woke up feeling good today. So ….. at peace and calm. I think I was saying “I am the light of love, truth and power” in my sleep because I woke up feeling the essence of those words within me. I also think my Native American guardians were

with me in my sleep. I cannot remember the details but I felt their presence throughout the night. Having a wave of nausea here and there…just noticing and releasing.

Thank you so much for helping to understand what was happening. It is amazing that through talking about things, I went from crying and shaking with fear to a place of understanding and peace……. a peace that I have not felt before. Letting go of a deep seeded fear……. a feeling of powerlessness against darkness….. is so profound that I do not think I can put words to what this will mean in my life. How could I know my own strength and light with this fear woven into my being since childhood? It was contrary to what I know to be true and yet it was always there……. like a knot in my stomach… gripping me and holding me back… contradicting everything I am learning…

Wow. You are such a light and source love in my life and in this world. Thank you for being you and for making a difference in my soul’s evolution.

Love you, SB


I was just thinking about you and wanted to thank you for planting the seed of self-awareness in me. When our universes collided in that classroom a few years ago… even if I didn’t understand it then, you planted a seed in me that I can be bigger and greater than I have ever imagined. I have big dreams and goals in life and I know I will achieve them. Your teachings and your kindness will always be appreciated.

You have changed the way I think… I am grateful. I now have a renewed thought process and a focus on achieving my dreams in life. Thank you for being the wonderful person that you are. Stay focused – you are amazing. You will be blessed always. Thank You.

J (UWM student)

Hello Lee Ann,

I have to share with you something on how much your meditation sessions mean to me. If you ever heard any stories about me, I have a phobia about my eyes. No one or anything touches my eyes. When I have an eye exam they literally hold my head and pry my eyes open to administer drops for

the exam. About a month ago I had this done and was told I had some optic hypertension. They wanted me to come back in a month for a second exam. At this second visit the nurse told me that some of the hypertension could be caused by my stress of the examination.

I then focused on what you do during guided meditation and literally heard your voice and concentrated on controlled breathing. For the first and only time in my life, the doctor was able to administer the drops in my eye without holding me down and with my eyes open. The result was no optic concerned, I owe this to you. Thank you again for all you do.

love, KM

Powerful Winter solstice sound journey! In one part I “met” a part of myself covering pain of grieving with anger and pushing others away – It felt good when I thought to deflect, “to be positive” so I went into it and came away with healing. Done subtly and quietly. The whole thing was quite powerful.

A.R. 12/19/13

LeeAnn has given our family the spiritual lift, guidance and love during the loss of two close family members. She has also officiated a wedding and two baptisms in our family. We turn to her for the joyful times, but it is her compassion and faith that was so important to us during the sorrowful times in our family. She is so

much more than a spiritual officiant. LeeAnn’s genuine loving persona was evident from the first time we met her. It is who she is. We feel we have truly found a friend who was put on our path for a reason. Our life’s journey is enriched by knowing her.

The Osinski Family

The Lotus Heart Sound Journey’s are a “reset” for me. The sessions recalibrate my being to attune to my deeper self, allowing my intuition to clearly guide me. There is a peaceful happiness that prevails as I go about daily living. I feel more able to stay connected to my divinity and less bogged down by the denser material world.

Mary Ann 1/24/13

Reflecting upon the journey of the Lotus Heart.

Once my heart was walled off, guarded based on my belief in scarcity.  I thought I was generous but deep deep down in that dark dark place, I knew I was scared.  What if I gave everything away, would I die?  Is love limited?

With gentle guidance, the singing bowls, chakra chimes, gongs, monochord and loving intention, my heart buds.  The vibration weaves into walled cells, eliciting a wondrous journey.  Perhaps…. perhaps there is enough.  I feel the mother love, the soft voice but strong and grounding.  Gradually, I am aware of eternal love.  The lesson’s LeeAnn shares, her loving intention and awareness of ancient wisdom teachings prodded my mind, challenging my beliefs.  Beliefs so melded unaware of their presence.  ” Empty, Empty to be filled”.

The vibration carries so days later, the “ahaa” moment. A dream may open the way or a sudden inspirational thought, the false belief becomes clear.  My mind generally aware of the falseness of the belief but my body cells holding and then suddenly the releasing. “I don’t need to hang on to that, it is all a choice.”  A new lightness.  I can now smile, my world service to create a loving mode for all.  I can send out love to everyone. A look, a smile, eyes meeting.   Love is limitless.  My motto is you can never be too kind.  No, I am not a wimp and limits are still set but the intention is loving-kindness.  I am grounded in truth, comfortable in silence and with my thoughts, with me.

This journey has saved me.  I was lost but now I am found.  I started out of the darkest places with a little voice prompting me.  The sound journey nurtured that tiny tiny light.  I always knew there was a bigger picture; a bigger plan but was foggy.  Hidden wisps would emerge but now, the vision clears.  The steadfast guidance of the journey and soul prompting by LeeAnn has created a trust.  A trust in myself and my place here on earth.  I spent much of my life unsure that I belonged here on this planet.  Suicide was always my fallback.  If life becomes so unbearable, so uncomfortable, I could end it.  The esoteric teachings, the peering at my emotional waters have calmed the storm of feelings.  I am no longer a victim of waves of hormones. Somehow, I can stand back.  Yes, the feeling still hurts but it is not all there is.  I know it will pass, I can let it pass, not hang on, not grip.  The more I release the monkey fist, the faster it passes.  I can trust.   I can trust the process and the journey.  I am grateful every day.  I belong.  I belong here.  I am grounded and elevated, feet firmly on earth and arms extended to here my soul voice.

With love, K.G.