The Circle

The Circle

I look at nature and see the circular presentation in the rings of a tree trunk, the center of the daisy, the heart of the Sun, the aura of moon, stones carved by the swirling waters in the riverbed, the perfect circular seed of the apricot.  We dance within the circle round, swinging our partner like a whirling dervish.  We doddle upon paper – circles upon circles, delighting in the creation through our imagination.

The CIRCLE is a line, which begins at a POINT, a DOT, an ineffable reference.  The point is without dimension, it is not in space.  Without any sense of inside or outside, we establish this reference point for all which follows.  It travels in a curve until it returns to its’ origin of initiation.  So you can see how it has no beginning or no end.  The primordial point births from no-thing and expansively expresses itself, as all things revolve around a center.

The CIRCLE represents the Godhead, Creator of All, Heaven, the I Am, the Love that encompasses, enfolds and contains.  It is balance, for however you turn the circle it maintains its perfect state.

THE CIRCLE represents 360 degrees, the whole truth, rather than a partial truth of 180 degrees, which is the triangle (more to come on the triangle in a few weeks).  Add up the digits 3+6+0=9, the highest digit in the series of single digits, and when multiplied by another number, the result always reduces again to 9.  The CIRCLE is infinite and endless.

The ancients referred to the circle, saying, “God is a spherical intelligence whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere.” It  symbolizes eternity, ever-present in the laws of nature.  Nature repeats itself in cycles.  As the planets revolve around the Sun, and patterns repeat in continuity and unity, the circle shows us the way of oneness.

Although the circle is the first form to birth from the point (in conjunction with the line), does it actually represent the concept of one?  We know the number one lives in all other numbers, as the circle abides in context to create any other shape.  We live from the inside out and the outside in.  The circle generates and creates a storyline, a beautiful mandala expan-sively expressing in manifestation.

We create a life revolving in a circle, building community in a circle, opening group facilitation in a circle, laying stones for a fire circle, holding hands in a healing circle, generating energy communicating in a circle, ceremony in a circle, temples abound in circular structure, yin and yang weave one in the other in a circle and on and on.

Pythagoras said, “God geometrizes.”

When you place a circle around anything, what does it mean?  What does it represent?  Whatever is embodied in the circle is encapsulated in the essence of divine heavenly energy of unity consciousness, the presence of the One.  Step out in nature and see the grandiosity of the circle dancing everywhere, around you, in you and through you.

.   The Circle ……… birthed from the dot, the no-thing.