The Inner Doorway of Empowered Grace

Through the Inner Doorway of Self we Unfold — like a beautiful flower opening and growing into its fullest expression of flower-ness – one petal at a time, uncovering, discovering, and recovering the beauty, goodness and truth of its connection to the Nature of ALL Things. This is akin to our inner process, the integration of the human soul with the highest nature of ALL things.

It is compelling to feel and sense a conscious global shift in humanity taking its next step. Poised in a position of readiness today, a time of great change where energies continue to accelerate at speeds of quantum measure. We seek to find the truth of what is real and what is an illusion, as the ancients guiding students in the Mysteries Schools. It is through the inner doorway of self, into our subjective lives, we find the answers to ponderings of uncertainty.

As we dive into the depths of consciousness, we uncover and discover layers and levels of who we truly are and why we are here, namely; what is our sacred purpose and soul-filled journey. We gradually release what no longer serves a purpose, relinquishing emotional attachments and past patterns of destructive behavior, inhibiting our soul growth and heal into a sense of unity.

The invocation and evocation of an experiential guided journey of images, coupled with subtle energy of sound, voice, and symbol will begin to expand our minds toward the greater soul’s life. This process enables us to become more conscious of the self-imposed chains we wrap around ourselves, to recognize, accept what was and move forth into the truth of being whole and One with Life.

This inner, alert journey allows wisdom to birth forth, while we gain access to the beauty and goodness of our essence and higher purpose. In today’s environment of fragmented energies and the general hypnotic state of the world, there is a thirst shared by truth seekers to employ a more universal language and understanding of the evolving growth and development of our human nature — an understanding which can ground us in the simplicity of a sincere acceptance of unity in diversity.

In this allowance of truth a sacred doctrine can be born, an endeavor toward healing the human spirit one person at a time. The ripple effect of birthing is more than profound because the planet will open its heart, heal into wholeness, and synthesize with the Nature of All Things, as it has always been, from the beginning of time.

Our current state of affairs displays the duality of life, the extreme polarities where the shadowy aspect of self, in desperation tries to find the middle way and point of balance.

To see the forest in its grandness, we seek to find the individual trees that comprise the forest. Individual lessons in life, birthed from the dual nature of extremes set before us, show us the way toward achieving wholeness and walking through life in the integrated, synthesized forest of peace, unity, and oneness. Right relationship in all things, in all aspects of self and life brings us to the point of perfect balance and unity consciousness. Thus our planet responds to the correction of energies from separation and duality, to the synthesized energy of love, peace, unity, wholeness and oneness of All That IS. As we find our way back to the Truth of Being, we awaken the essence in all around us and through us.

We are in this together, this is not an individual act or journey, although it may appear so. Be not alarmed at the great length we must travel deep within and reaching up to the highest of heights to heal the schisms of self. This is part of the earth journey we have come here to learn and live out on the stage of life.

Specialized guided meditations with sound healing (a synthesized process) can guide us to re-member Truth. The grip of ego loosens as soul picks up the slack. Soul guides us to realize our oneness by generating energetic activations elicited from the inner journey, all in accordance with our highest aspect of self. Through our self-awareness and receptivity to ‘be’, we release patterns of old, creating opportunity for the new way.

Synthesized inner work can carry us from our individual expansiveness into the collective consciousness of right relationship in humanity. This is where universal spiritual awareness brings us to a much greater sense of our larger story as a human soul traveling through the great continuum. To remember our higher purpose, contributes to the highest in all, assisting in the healing of the human condition. This re- cognition, re-wakening and true re-membrance is our responsibility on a level gauged in sacred proportion, guiding and assisting humanity to open its heart center, so the divine plan may come ‘to be’ at this time in our growth and evolution.

I have come to realize that the vibration of sound heals, guides, and encourages unfoldment of self, a quality of unique remembering which guides us heart to heart, mind to mind, soul to soul. From our own growth we may turn around and assist another, with a ripple affect of positive change for all. Know Thyself (the Oracle of Delphi prompts us) – the ‘All’ reveals the ‘wholeness’ ‘oneness’ and ‘unity’ in the Nature of All Things.

The merging of lower nature (physical, emotional, mental well-being) and our higher nature (soul-filled innate spirituality) is key to living unencumbered, free from limiting held beliefs holding hostage our synthesized human and divine natures. Direct experience with one’s divinity, (the godseed within), nourished through acceptance, forgiveness, self-empowerment, and love, while discovering one’s soul purpose and life’s expression, are potent realizations in this inner process. Together we come ‘To Be’ One with empowered grace.

So it is, the full flowering of self, Whole and One with Life — as the divine plan births forth in the world, to open the hearts of all. May we Ground in the Simplicity of a Sincere Acceptance of Unity In Diversity as many paths are walked among the diverse philosophies, traditions and world religions. May we come to embrace a truth that fills the heart and soul of all humanity, the heart and soul of the One Truth, the impulse of Love. This Love goes beyond the norm of familiarity, glimpsing into the realm of divinity, divine love. This is the essence of The One World Heart (Project).