The Principal of Intention

‘Everything we are or ever will become comes to us as a result of the content of our minds.’ William James the great philosopher instilled in us the simple truth, we certainly can be what we set our mind on. As we spend exceeding amounts of time dwelling on what was, rather than creating the possibility of what may be, we forget we have this incredible potential to set forth what we are intending for.

What may be, is our birthright, planted as a seedling of pure potential and development of consciousness. If we expand self-knowledge to comprehend the pure potential of intention, then we will be manifesting and consciously creating every moment of our day.

INTENTION is the formulation of manifestation as a desired outcome, energetically generated through the pure knowing ‘anything is possible’. INTENTION is the energetic connection of an inner desire to manifest physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually.

INTENTION is the direct connection to the power of the mind, the inner mental pictures we create, and the inner dialog we recycle day in and day out.

INTENTION is the essence of the attention we place on thoughts, emotions, situations, and people.

INTENTION is pure energy placed with the universal field of possibilities awaiting direction of formulated thought.

CONSCIOUS CHANGE is brought about by INTENTION AND ATTENTION. Attention brings about vitality. Intention offers opportunity for transformation to occur.

  • Attention focuses the intensity of the point concentrated upon.
  • Intention directs the energy behind the unlimited possibility before you.

PURE INTENTION is very powerful because it is the organizing principle behind manifesta-
tion, coupled with the principle of detachment. In other words, when the intention is pure and for the greater good of the whole, free from attachment to outcome, the intention will create what is in the highest order for those involved individually or collectively.

PRESENT MOMENT AWARENESS of attention will enliven the intention, aligning in a higher purpose, whether futuristic or present moment.

  1. Create pure intention of what is desired.
  2. Align self in a state of balanced focus at the heart center. Connect below and
    above, within and without.
  3. Free yourself from attachment to outcome and know that your intention will
    manifest as it is to be for the greater good of the whole.
  4. Couple pure intention with attention for manifestation to present.
  5. Always be grateful for the change. Gratitude is essential to this principle.

Remember everything is energy. Funnel your energy in a positive, intentional direction. Create through the purity of heart and power of the mind, and never underestimate ‘yourself’!