The Pythagorean Monochord Table

Become a resonant chamber with sound, vibrating from the inside out.  This magnificent sound table creates a whole body experience, harmonizing the cells, tissue structures and bones.  Through the conduction of sound, as you lie upon the monochord table, you become part of the ensemble.  You are one with the harmonic overture, not only hearing the beautiful overtones but feeling them, deeply, vibrating your entire body.  Can you imagine?

It is a sound massage, subtle and profound, enhancing body awareness, strengthening the vitality of the physical and energy body, assisting to clear emotions, still the mind and free the soul.  Most often I will begin my private sessions with a client on the monochord table.  It profoundly sets the tone for the entire sound healing journey.

Be bathed in the sacred sound current, harmonically humming you into a pure place of peace, serenity, balance, universal wisdom, love, wholeness and oneness.  It is like a spa for the soul. ~ Lee Ann Dz