Acoustic Feminine Wisdom

The divine feminine is the interconnected oneness of all creation.  It is through the nature of the feminine we recognize the soul in all of life. This energetic force expresses HER self through vibration.  Sound is the creative force behind all things, the power behind our existence.

We are acoustic tuning forks, aligning to the moment, through adjustment and refinement.  The gift of the Mother creates, births, transforms and heals into wholeness.  She is the guiding force to balance the imbalances, redefining our attunement.  It is through Her wisdom we reclaim the full embodiment and expression of the One-Self.  It is HER love, compassion, wisdom and receptivity that is shown to us through life lessons specific to our soul’s evolution.   It is her nudge, whether the bright glare of sunlight or the soft gentle push, that fosters a deepening journey to uncover, discover and recover our original state of unity consciousness.

We commit to step upon our path of life, climbing our inner mountain.

It is here we learn to ascend to the highest of heights, by way of walking the deepest of depths.  It is the path of neutrality, the middle way, the middle pillar, the essence of being that aligns us in our innate feminine wisdom.  It is here we enter the path of pure radiant mountain wisdom.

ACOUSTIC = Sound acoustics guide the integration of our inner work based on the Sacred Sound Current vibrating in all Creation.  This sacred vibration can be heard with inner ears and felt with inner knowingness.  Acoustic pertains to the Knowing Essence of All That Is.  It is the connect-ing link between our human nature and divine nature, between human beings and Source God.

FEMININE = The feminine essence and principle guides us in the transformational journey, creativity, empowerment, and healing into wholeness, the one and the many. It is She who fosters the full expression of One-Self from the little self.

WISDOM = Sophia pertains to the divine wisdom aspect of God.  Wisdom belongs to life itself.  Embodied in the feminine principle, we cultivate her receptivity, loving heart, intuitive knowing and birth the oneness of the divine.

Acoustic Feminine Wisdom is a sound healing harmonic resonance of innate feminine wisdom to foster the reconnection of what is sacred and essential in our self and within life – the One Life.

‘Harmonic resonance births the full expression of One-Self’