The Triangle

The triangle represents the three in one; the one in three, the binding principle, balance; attaching; creativity; descent into matter; the marriage of opposites, the number of the perfect human. The triangle is the first closed form that can be made with single lines. It represents the Trinity – Father Son Holy Spirit; Brahma Shiva Vishnu; Spirit Soul Matter; Super-conscious Subconscious Conscious. Triangle is 180 degrees, meaning partial truth.



It is a fascinating and diversified vibration, carrying the qualities of manifestation and self-expression.  3 is the need to communicate and become involved in the pure joy of living.  Through its exuberant response to life, 3 bestows sunny radiance and enthusiasm upon all.  3 is the extrovert whose personal magnetism draws others and inspires them to expand and grow.  Its creative imagination allows all things to be possible; it therefore becomes involved in many emotions and experiences.  3 is friendly and expansive, thriving on sociability and variety.

KEYWORDS: expansive, sociable, dramatic, communicative, creative, diversified

(Reference:  Faith Javane)


Trinity, Father/Son/Holy Spirit; Mother, Father, Child; Past, Present, Future; Creator, Preserver, Destroyer; the Triangle thesis, antithesis and synthesis; beginning, middle, end; the balance point between opposing polarities; thinking, feeling, willing; Body, Soul, Spirit; center, circumference, radius




 “But every tension of opposites culminates in a release, 

out of which comes the ‘third.  In the third, the tension is resolved

 and the lost unity is restored.” ~ Carl Jung

THE MOUNTAIN IS a symbol of deep peace and spiritual awakening.  We birth newness of being when in communion with the Oneness of Life upon the mountain.  The mountain high embodies essence of spirit while the valley low embraces its’ stance. The mirror reflection of the mountain in the lake below it shines forth its beauty and wonder in magnificent radiance.  The mountain sustains, carries, uplifts and defines the moment in its’ divine presence.  The mountain forms a triangle (three), as body, mind and spirit form a unified expression of One.  One and two are united in three.

Let us remember, however, all things are organized around a unifying center of the infinite point.  The mountainous triangular structure lends itself to our understanding of the triune nature of life.  The third element inherently births and creates from the one and the two.  An energetic activation of ‘synthesis’ weaves the essence of one and two to create a ‘third’ perspective and heighten sense of awareness (now the apex of the triangle).  Are you following me?

The triangle represents CREATION, as the square represents MANIFESTATION.

Imagine the triangle of the mountain, as you stand back and view it from a distance.  It is reflected in the lake before you, although it appears to be upside down.  The triangle of mountain symbolizes soul, as its’ inverted reflection symbolizes the personality (the shadow aspect of the soul).  The personality sees life upside down when functioning in life from conditioned patterns of behavior.   (Refer to Mountain Photo)

Now – Imagine sitting on your PATH OF LIFE, content and relaxed, with the base of the mountain behind you and it’s reflection in front of you.  The orientation places you between the base of the mountain and it’s reflection, a middle perspective.  The reflection before you is ‘right side up’ isn’t it?  You view it ‘as if’ it is an upright triangle, although reflected, it remains upright.  The strength of the Spiritual Mountain energy is behind you, supporting you and it is reflected in the Lake of Peace before you – it appears strong and steady yet it is reflecting back to you from the emotional waters of life.  Learn to calm your emotional waters to see with clarity (to embody) the strength of Earth’s essence in the spiritual mountain.

IMAGINE the triangle of the mountain superimposing itself above you and it’s reflection moves below you, now an inverted triangle – you sit between an upright triangle (spiritual nature) and an inverted triangle (human nature).  This represents the journey of the soul and the personality coming into right relationship.  The two triangles gradually begin to merge, interconnecting your higher nature (soul) and lower nature (personality).  When a healthy integration of the personality is created, when physical appetites are soften, emotional attachments open up to trust and rigid held beliefs melt into a clarity of what is to be …… an infusion of one’s soul and personality dance in harmonic resonance (i.e. balance, alignment, infusion, integration, synthesis).

The essence of the upright triangle and the inverted triangle eventually merges to form a six-pointed star.  You may use this image as a creative visualization practice to embody and synthesize your divine nature and human nature, which are One – integrating the above with the below, the higher with the lower, the inside with the outside, the masculine principle with the feminine principle, as the two become one at the midpoint of balance, the heart-center – it blends and weaves a heightened sense of awareness.  As we commune with the Nature of All Things, we become empowered with the truth of our Being and why we are here.  We begin to realize our purpose, the role we play in the Big Picture, and realize the Oneness of Life.

ONE – he who goes forth, begets two (Point)

TWO – she is receptive seeking union, thus births a third (Dyad, Line)

THREE – creative and expansive (Triangle)

FOUR – stability and manifestation, earthy and nature, form and practical (Square)

“We are already one.  But we imagine we are not, 

and what we have to recover is our original unity.  

What we have to be is what we are.”  

~ Thomas Merton





Lee Ann Fagan Dzelzkalns