Unfoldment of Self

FLOWERS are a symbol of self-enfoldment, the perfection and totality of all that we are. As spiritual beings, embodying our sacred humanhood, we are destined to evolve and expand, unfold and blossom, while returning to common-union, communion with Source, God, the Universal One. In India their symbol is the thousand-petalled lotus, as in the Christian tradition it is the rose and in the Chinese tradition it is the Golden Flower. The flower represents the goodness, beauty and truth of our actualized potential. We strive to embody the art of living, fully and freely through the splendor of Being, One with Life.

In each one of us is planted a seed, a seed of unlimited potential, some call it the God-seed, other Buddha-hood, This seed of utmost expression, reveals the hidden potentials of the soul in divine right time and order. The soul is our higher expression of self, equated with our intuitive and receptive self. The unfoldment is based on the choices we make, as well as the content of our minds and hearts. As we walk the path of life with conscious awareness, we purify our lower nature, come into our organic naturalness to soulfully share the full expression of One-Self. This One-Self is the collective, the One, the Divine orchestration of the One Symphony.

We find our Way back to the Source of Being as we purify our lower nature, integrate our personalities with our soul, and live a life based on love and truth. Once we release our anger, our greed, our materialistic ways, our jealousies, our possessiveness, our repressions and suppressions, we find our way in The Way. We embody purity, balance the imbalances and open what is closed.

As the canopy of night sky illumines us with iridescent starlight, the golden radiance of sun baths us in luminosity. The heavens reach down to us in acknowledgment of our walking the path of Truth. The Earth spirals up from its heart center as the Heaven pours forth into our head, meeting in the heart center of Self. Heaven and Earth lie within our very being. The masculine and feminine principles of self merge and dance, blend and synthesize into a knowing presence of pure harmonic totality of being.

The Great Ones that go before us remind us that it is through the pureness of our minds and hearts that we may embrace and embody the kingdom of nirvana in our own hearts, but we must awaken to the truth of being and take responsibility for the energy we put forth in the world – in thought, word and deed. So ponder the essence of the Flower. Contemplate the beautiful symmetry of nature and the divine proportion of the flower, which reflects to you ‘You’ in divine proportion.