What is the POINT of it? (the Dot)

What is the POINT of it? (the Dot)

THE POINT OF IT is the suggestion that herein lies the eternal presence of absolute being.  It is the dot, the drop, the first point of reference which is elusive and mysterious.  It signifies the cosmic point where the synthesis of spirit and matter, form and formless lie in an essence of potentiality before coming into being.

“The circle is a blueprint representing how the universe works.  All things revolve around a center; all things have a point or they do not exist.  All things are made up of mandalas,” guided Lori Bailey Cunningham from her “The Mandala Book”.

Dot guides us to realms unknown – with lines and circles circumnavigating from the vibration beset its’ expression to grow, evolve and expand.  From dot a line is born, a circle, a triangle, a square, rectangles, interlocking triangles, and on.  The Point is this ~ we walk a Path of life, it leads us to self-discovery of our relationship with the Nature of All That Is, our Soul, and the infinite Boundless One.

Symbols guide us, as messengers offer a definition to enlighten.  They are catalysts that ignite a deeper sense of knowingness within, a felt sense to realize the oneness of life.  The mysterious presence of the point begins to take form when it connects to another point.  It can form a line and be passive.  It can from a line the other way and be active.  This beautiful expressive point of unbridled truth now splits into a dual nature, creating one dimension of ‘this or that’.

It is our journey upon the path of life, to return to the full expression of One-Self – a balanced, harmonic self.  We can walk this path practicing the integrative expression of ‘this AND that’.  This is the return to one’s nature of divine wholeness.  May we all unlock the wholeness buried deep within our primordial ‘mind in the heart’.  The synthesis of our sacred feminineprinciple and sacred masculine principle will present as the interlocking triangles (upright and inverse), known as the Star of David in the Hebrew tradition.  It will be shared in detail in another Mandala Message of Wholeness.  For now, may we be mindful of all aspects of the self, striving to walk the path of life toward the androgyny of our spiritual nature.

Lee Ann Dzelzkalns, M.S.