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Syinthesis Sound Healing Center in the News

Fox6 News Reporter Ashley Sears came to Syinthesis to learn about how Lee Ann's Lotus Heart Sound Journeys are helping people through the stress of the pandemic.

Dr. Grace discusses the science behind the power in Lee Ann’s vibrational sound therapy. Learn about how specific musical tones physically impact our neurology and body

Deepa Kannan uncovers the inspiration for Lee Ann’s work, and they discuss how sound can be used to improve the quality of your sleep. Lee Ann also shares a treat from her new book.


As a Musician and Sound Engineer, I adore beautiful music and superb sounds that give me reason to celebrate this incredible World that we all are living in, but sometimes forget to share. Going along on the wonderful and soulful trip that Lee Ann presents helps me remember! Her style of speech, choice of text and her masterful playing of her incredible collection of musical instruments, adds up to a most sincere and deep journey with sound that needs to be experienced by everyone.

Victor DeLorenzo

I have experienced profound healing personally and also in my marriage through the Sound Healing 1:1 sessions and Sound Journey sessions with Lee Ann. The Vibration Sound healing is effortless, eases the whole mind, body, soul system. Lee Ann is a one of a kind practitioner who is able to receive you as you are, without judgement and with a pure heart of love and compassion.

Dana Frost

My company had a presentation on trauma this week. The first step in resolving trauma is a sense of trust. I began to think of Lee Ann's work and how I have been healing. Her work creates a sense of trust in self, and she provides a safe environment to examine issues. Trust in self and the environment are key. The sound vibration relaxes the defenses and guarding that isolates a person from their feelings. Lee Ann's insight into the symbols presented also unlock those interior doors. Opening those doors promotes integration and synthesis. The issues don't magically disappear, but they are now workable instead of a mass of dark confusion. Lee Ann's work is such a gift!

Kristin Gillan

Relax - Release - Renew
Experience Your Innate Wisdom

It is our mission to foster a self-healing approach through the vibration of sound for individuals to experience their innate wisdom. Through sound healing journeys and harmonic overtures, we enhance body awareness, strengthen the vitality of the physical and energy bodies, experience emotional regulation, quiet the mind, free the soul, and express our authentic self.

The hum of the universe is our lifeblood. We are beings of vibration, in active participation with the vibrating world around us. Lee Ann Dzelzkalns guides us in the meditation Lotus Heart Sound Journey she created in 2007. Pure tones with guided imagery in nature, promote self-healing, and the interconnectedness of life.

The carrier wave of pure love vibration based in acoustic feminine wisdom leads us to the stillness of our quiet center, to the silence of who we are. Through a synthesis of self we begin to balance and harmonize any tentative inner walking, dissolve self-distortions, and embody our true nature as divine human beings (being one with the universal fabric of life). Self-transformation yields global transformation.

  • Relax the Body
  • Calm the Emotions
  • Open the Heart
  • Awaken the Mind
  • Transform the Self
  • Attune to Being


"View From the Mountaintop"

Revised Edition

Hard Cover & Soft Cover

Oracle Cards

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Deepa Kannan uncovers the inspiration for Lee Ann’s work, and Lee Ann shares a treat from her new book.
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