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Re-Calibrate & Re-Balance

Relax - Release - Renew
Experience Your Innate Wisdom

It is our mission to foster a self-healing approach through the vibration of sound for individuals to experience their innate wisdom. Through sound healing journeys and harmonic overtures, we enhance body awareness, strengthen the vitality of the physical and energy bodies, experience emotional regulation, quiet the mind, free the soul, and express our authentic self.

The hum of the universe is our lifeblood. We are beings of vibration, in active participation with the vibrating world around us. Lee Ann Dzelzkalns guides us in the meditation Lotus Heart Sound Journey she created in 2007. Pure tones with guided imagery in nature, promote self-healing, and the interconnectedness of life.

The carrier wave of pure love vibration based in acoustic feminine wisdom leads us to the stillness of our quiet center, to the silence of who we are. Through a synthesis of self we begin to balance and harmonize any tentative inner walking, dissolve self-distortions, and embody our true nature as divine human beings (being one with the universal fabric of life). Self-transformation yields global transformation.

  • Relax the Body
  • Calm the Emotions
  • Open the Heart
  • Awaken the Mind
  • Transform the Self
  • Attune to Being


"View From the Mountaintop"

Revised Edition

Hard Cover & Soft Cover

Oracle Cards

The Power of Harmonic Resonance, Sound Frequencies, & Meditation

Listen in as Lee Ann is interviewed by Dr. Grace Hameister from the [un]common medicine podcast

  • Learn about how specific musical tones physically impact our neurology and body
  • Improve brain coherence
  • Stabilize all vital signs
  • Discover "ah-ha" awakenings to deeper spiritual connectivity
  • Hear what the earth's heart beat sounds like: the healing Schumann frequency

New Musings

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Listen: Lee Ann was interviewed recently on the "[un]common medicine" podcast. She discusses her education and life path, reads one of her re-released poems from "View from the Mountaintop", and
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I am all that I am, loving connected to universal Source, expanding conscious awareness, sharing my true course. As I surrender and forgive, I detach and rise above. I embrace
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