A Time of Golden Opportunity

The extreme environmental conditions around the world are creating a storyline in the minds of many, some destructive and some constructive. However, the condition of a mind geared toward the premise of a fear-based reality, is a concern. It is a time of great testing. It is a time of trials and tribulations for us to maintain an inner strength of humility and wisdom. It is a time for us to discern from a spiritual foundation what is in truth the nature of our times.

A time of glorious transition into a new age of Universal Synthesis is upon us. It requires each of us to step through our inner doorway to balance the imbalances in our mind body and spirit. We are being asked to deepen into relationship with the divine Sophia, the feminine holy wisdom.

How do we go about doing this, you may ask yourself? The simple question murmured upon the lips of sages in ancient times was, “Who am I?” When we willingly open the doors within and venture forth toward self-realization, we shift from fragmentation to centeredness, from separation to unity, from frenetic energy to calm energy, from uncertainty to a poised presence.

The light of the Christos-Sophia, an impulse birthing in us, illumines from the sacred sound current, generating geometric symbols for healing into wholeness; transforming fear into fearlessness, while eliciting remem-brance in the Truth of Being, One with the Nature of All Things. We recognize that the darkness offers opportunity for light to be known, so too does the stillness of mind, in an open heart, bear fruit of self-knowledge and wisdom.

Today we find ourselves being tested personally, side-by-side with our government, our economy, and every avenue of the global network. It is all an offering, a tremendous opening to learn life lessons in self-reflection, self-responsibility, self-love, self-acceptance, and self-forgiveness. It is a time to elevate our consciousness and find symmetry within and without. First and foremost, we must tend to the depths of self to reach to the highest of heights, after which we may then be of compassionate service in the world. This way we are most effective because we are functioning from a more clear, open and balanced sense of self.

Harmonic adjustments take place within our physical structure and subtle bodies energetically when we commit to being self-aware and responsible for our part, awakening to the Mysteries of Life. Self-awareness propels us to live in the present moment to experience what is in accordance with our highest aspect of self. Intentions and declarations created through a mind centered in the heart, will transform a platform, to herald a new time promoting a universal humanity.

The stage of life is playing out what was prophetically written about in the sacred texts. We each must play our conscious part on the stage, so we may understand the ramifications of the choices we make, the thoughts we think and the actions of our ways. To embody the birthright of a universal consciousness for humanity, we must believe in the Truth and Nature of All Things, no matter what our belief, philosophy, religion, dogma, or cult, we are to subscribe to a more universal nature of being, together, in union and harmony. Remember the wise proverb, “Many paths, One Truth.”

We must bring our-self and the world-self back into the impulse of pure balance. This balance requires a scope of synthesis within every human soul, thus touching globally a re-ignition of every point of light on earth. The life force of balance carried upon the impulse of the divine feminine and masculine energies cooperatively, synergistically and respectfully will breakdown the old paradigm.

The new age of Synthesis is upon us. It is a time of golden opportunity. How do you choose to walk this path toward a more enlightened global consciousness?

Harmonic Resonance Unfolds
True Expression of One-Self