For the Greater Good

RE: Eve of January 6 th , 2021 When our U.S. Capital in Washington D.C. was insurrected

Dear One & All ~
(those participating in the LHSJ and members of the Syinthesis® Community)

Thank you for heeding the call to be present at last night's sound journey, January 6 th , the first Lotus Heart Sound Journey in the New Year, the Feast of Epiphany, as well as the day laid down in history, that a breach of security at the U.S. Capital as Congress began the process to certify the 2020 presidential election occurred.  Although the sound journey we experienced may have appeared to be typical, it wasn't.  It was out of the ordinary and very potent, based on the energies, we as a nation, are experiencing.

Many of you felt agitation and disruption in your sound journey. Although you deepened into aspects of self during the journey, united as one, in the group energy, together with the higher realms -- we made a massive difference through the ethers, to assist our humanity at this time.

It is very difficult for us to understand the nature of our impact on the Greater Good of the Whole, because our little minds can't grasp the enormity of it all.  However, with our higher sensitivity, we can feel it, on many levels.  

I received a strong impression that the agitation some of you were feeling was due to the impact we were making upon the force of opposition (darkness).  It is like an internal tug of war, it isn't comfortable, yet we strive to find the midpoint. As a collective united front, from the core of our hearts, our intentions went out into the ethers to assist humanity where it is needed most.  We can't define it, describe it, nor explain it .... however, we can know and trust in the higher order of the group work to make a difference for the good of
all.  One of our fellow participants said, “Love is a responsibility.” I agree with her, it is about present moment awareness and taking responsibility for our thoughts, actions and deeds.

Thank you for being present and open to journey with me.  Each of you made a difference, creating the collective unified field for us to work with the Divine and send forth the energies needed at this time for our nation.  The Divine needs us to work through and send forth the transmission of energies needed to assist our humanity in its healing process.

Thank you.  Thank you.  With a deep bow to you all.  Thank you for participating in this important sacred piece of internal cultivation last evening for our nation.

Blessings of Peace ~ Lee Ann