Lotus Heart Sound Journey

“Vibrate in resonance with the full expression of One-Self. The rhythm of internal coherence, harmony, peace and love is our birthright.”

— LeeAnn Fagan Dzelzkalns

THE LOTUS HEART SOUND JOURNEY is a deepening experience of sound vibration to elicit internal adjustments. The spirit of body-mind and heart frees itself in harmonic attunement while settling into balanced breath. Resonant frequencies resound to foster a re-calibration and re-balancing of the self in a joyous simplicity of being.

A soothing inner rhythm unfolds a peaceful sway through physical relaxation, emotional calming, mental clarity, and soul-filled love. A gentle entrainment with the Tibetan singing bowls, Pythagorean monochord, gongs, Lydian tubular chimes and Lee Ann’s voice, offer internal shifts towards self-realization. This is known as ‘Sound Alchemy’..

The subtle energy body becomes clearer. The immune system is strengthened. Any tentative inner walking may be stabilized and harmonized, while witnessing the radiant self. We look forward to journeying upon the Sacred Sound Current with you.

Self-transformation yields global transformation.

Please come prepared with blanket and pillow. Arrive 15 minutes early to get settled. We look forward to journeying upon the sacred sound current with you.

“LeeAnn’s ability to access ‘Innate wisdom’ combined with her use of ‘Sacred Sound,’ enable her as a loving source for Guidance, Counsel & Transformation. Her use of vibration is wielded with reverence, honoring the Sacred Sound Current. It is important to recognize that Lee Ann’s unique musical instruments (together with her voice of guidance) facilitate deep ‘Inner Journeying’ and the expansion of Consciousness to align individuals to their True Divine Nature.

— Dr. James B. Hopkins www.HarmonixHealing.com


L A’s sound soul journeys foster an organic shift with some of the following benefits ~

  • Awaken to the perception of life stressors
  • Enhance emotional & kinesthetic (body) intelligence and self-awareness
  • Encourage intention and concentration
  • Cultivate strength & balance in the body’s energy system
  • Enhance a relaxed meditative approach to life
  • Encourage emotional calm and mental clarity
  • Encourage insight from the higher mind (intuition)
  • Support self-transformation and conscious creativity
  • Harmonize hemispheres of the brain
  • Foster spiritual expansion & global consciousness
  • Transform unhealthy cell structure to healthy cell structure

The overtones created by the tubular chimes reach near perfection, as they are hand carved from three kinds of metal (copper, nickel and brass). Together with the Pythagorean Monochord, the authentic Tibetan Singing Bowls and the planet gongs, the sound journeys produce a progression of over-tones, affecting the human energy fields. They help us to energetically feel balanced, harmonic and liberated from the inside out.

Listen to the educational recording -“Introduction to The Lotus Heart Sound Journey Part I & II

Prior to Attending Lotus Heart Sound Journey

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“Through this internal cultivation and deep inner journeying, we become more clear to express our soul-filled personalities as our authentic way of being. We are called to become expressions of this soulful One-Self abiding within. Harmonic resonance unfolds the full expression of One-Self.” ~ L A