Lotus Heart Yantra

By Mary Ann Morrissey

The Yantra is a sacred geometric design that provides a resonate focal point that is a window into the Absolute.

This Lotus Heart Yantra came to me in meditation after working with Lee Ann Dz for many years. It is a visual representation of the Lotus Heart Sound Journey.  I painted this for her when she opened Syinthesis® A Sound Healing Center.

The 8-petal lotus represents the Heart of Beings. It is a symbol of purity and flow of the heart energy. It is ruled by Saturn, “the teacher”.

The 6-pointed star is called Skatkona, the Star of David and Shiva-Shakti. In many systems, it is the symbol of the heart chakra. Lee Ann invokes this image in the Lotus Heart Sound Journey (LHSJ) with the majestic mountain, reflected in the waters of the Lake of Peace, merging.

The heart at the center provides a Bija point, a seed truth and point of focus.  As our awareness is drawn inward by focusing on this center point, the energy of the Lotus Heart opens the door to the Universe.  As Lee Ann reminds us, “The hum of the Universe is our life blood.”

These symbols are imprinted into our energy fields by the sacred sounds Lee Ann bathes us in!

In Peace,  Mary Ann