Nature Contemplation

Hike in Nature with Lee Ann Dzelzkalns


Nature is the guidepost to knowing our deepest truth. When we sit in the silence or hike in the grand design of nature, we truly take our point of focus to its essential essence. The core of this divine proportion is the golden spiral. We can see it embedded in all of nature. The unfurling of the fern, the unfoldment of the flower and the germination of the seedpod, is the blueprint of nature reflected in us. Symbolically the spiral represents balance, universal harmony and spiritual transformation.

Nature tells us a story about Being. It reveals truths, principles and insights just by being present. The natural world is always unfolding the meaning of existence right before our eyes. “…the primordial whirlpool of creation, the cosmic soup from which we all emerged” (Francene Hart, Sacred Geometry). We are one and unified, rather than separate from Source, the Universe, God. We are one with All That IS, every minuscule aspect of particles, waves of energy and light.

Notice what you notice. The ‘sacred in the ordinary’ is the golden spiral, guiding us into the truth of being one with the rhythm of life. So when we endeavor on a nature journey, we symbolically open up like a fiddlehead to reveal new birth and new life. As we choose to leave behind worn out thought-forms and conditioned patterns of behavior, we begin to expand into the full expression of One-Self.

Are you ready to journey in the nature of divine proportion and be inspired through your own revelations? Contact Lee Ann for an appointment to ‘Hike In Nature’ together, ponder your life’s path and notice the insights that present.