Personality or Soul?


Luminescent golden fingers of dawn light the morning sky as I mindfully water flowers in our sanctuary, a moving meditation of sorts. Consciousness ebbs and flows about our time together in Indianapolis. The INEH (International Esoteric Healers) of North America converged for a weekend conference to experience “Group Consciousness in Action” in May 2006.

This group endeavor proved to be extremely profound and powerful. Not only did networking abound, but guideposts were being placed within the foundation of this organization.

Our collaborative intention was to build the group Antahkarana and create a new form on the physical plane. As was stated in our initial contact information by Julia Moses, “As we align to the incoming 7th ray, our network is being impulsed towards the creation of a new modality more sensitive to energetic connections on the inner planes and to the needs of our teachers, practitioners, and recipients of the work on the outer planes. There exists a great need for clarity and commitment to the process of healing in our part of the globe. How can our group be helped even more to do our part in the One Work?” And thus we stood, gathered together, hand-in-hand, heart-to-heart, mind-to-mind, and soul-to-soul.

So where the heck were we headed with this group endeavor? There were three intentions or points of focus we pondered and dissected over the three days. We each selected the group we were called to and explored every inner and outer corner of its potential within the timeframe allotted. The three focus groups were the following:

1) Personality or Soul?
2) Fear: I am That?
3) The Subconscious: Exploring the hidden causes of disease.

We each spent the entire day on Saturday participating in one of these groups. Sunday we shared our experiences with everyone. It was quite apparent that this group of esoteric healers, practitioners and teachers, gave these focus topics great consideration.

I spent my day with the “Personality or Soul?” group. Armed with a facilitator or two, we were to ” remain open and receptive to an organic, free-flowing and intuitive process” as stated in our directives. Powerfully intuitive it was, as our group’s facilitators Wendy Glaubitz and Rene Fugere gently guided discussion when we swayed a bit too far to the left or far to the right, and as we maintained focus on the task at hand.

The group consisted of Frank Gentzke, Sara Cartwright, Lynne Hirchman, Susan Brewer, Gary Brewer, Sue Jinks and myself. Although there were 44 of us in total attendance, this small contingent birthed a succinct flow of information to share with you, the larger esoteric healing community.

Upon sitting in our intimate circle, we joyfully introduced ourselves to each other. Never in our wildest dreams would we have imagined how tight the web would be woven by the end of the day.

To begin, we created a seed thought that would offer us a measure of direction. “Allow space for clarity to come forth on the process of soul-personality fusion.”

We sat in the silence of intentionality as impressions, images, and wisdom erupted within. After a full day’s exploration, we presented to the entire group on Sunday the following information.

SYMBOLOGY poured forth in almost every member of the group upon completion of our meditation. The symbol we worked with was an upright triangle, revealing a triad, with several vertical lines below it representing the Antahkarana, reaching toward it’s mirror reflection, the inverted triangle. We had a simple illustration of the higher nature and lower nature, building a beautiful bridge of self.

There were approximately six bullets and lines presented in horizontal fashion on the left margin. The “question” revealed with this symbol was, “It’s time to fill in the blanks.” Okay – So how exactly does the personality become integrated and soul infused?

To bring further clarity to our early morning endeavor, we realized it was essential to defineintegration, fusion, and synthesis. We used the analogy of a car to simplify understanding.

INTEGRATION represents the car itself, or the personality vehicle. We must get to a state where everything is in good working order. Of course purification of our lower nature is essential to the maintenance of this personality. The mechanical advantage of any car running in great condition is that everything is lubricated and in alignment. Thus, the regular oil checks on the car and the consciously aware actions of the personality enhance its cultivation and evolution of self. We are making progression toward the integration of the personality with spiraling inroads to the infused soul.

FUSION steps it up a notch where the soul approaches and begins to drive the car, the personality vehicle. So much has to occur between integration and fusion, right? The link between the personality and soul now bridges as a medium of communication.

SYNTHESIS represents a coupling, a blending, a united dance, whereby the car and the driver, the personality and soul become one. Here we experience wholeness and the Oneness of Life.

THE LOWER NATURE (the inverted triangle) We concentrated on the physical, emotional, and mental vehicles for the entire morning.

THE PHYSICAL VEHICLE requires disciplined, focused inner work. Maya is a possession experienced on the physical plane and within the physical vehicle. We must work diligently to combat, purify and eliminate these mayas. However, there are two vital keys of truth to guide the way with purifying this vehicle.

1) The mere desire to be free of the maya will assist in bringing oneself out of maya.

2) To be free of any desire, we must acquire DISCIPLINE. Discipline provides a sense of order, driving the maya into dissolution. To contribute to freeing oneself from the maya, our group shared the importance behind honoring one’s truths. “The truth shall set you free?” Thus, the physical vehicle advances in its development through pure discipline.


THE EMOTIONAL/ASTRAL VEHICLE requires a great deal of work with purification. Wait a minute, let’s clarify the difference between the definition of the emotional and the astral nature.

Emotions are a desire, right? A desire is a drive with an element of thinking that induces some type of a reaction. These reactions exist in the astral, they interface between the astral and the mental plane.

Emotions that present in the astral vehicle are dressed up in a glamorous outfit of desires to fill a specific need. Glamours in the astral, are kissing cousins to the mayas in the physical. The point of polarization in this vehicle addresses the need to bring balance to opposites in reconciliation.

The battle within, however, must be addressed and acted upon directly. Herein lies the concept of dis-identification coined by Dr. Roberto Assagioli. These miniature personalities color our perception and influence our way of being. They truly have a style and motivation all their own. We identify with them and believe we are them. To dis-identify is to really detach from them and return to the self.

Rene explained to us about the subpersonalities of the mother and the little girl. They both must learn to blend, dance and resolve the emotional charge that exists between them. Ultimately a harmonization of their energies will be born.

True detachment is a soul attitude. We release ourselves from the control of identification, inertia of the physical, glamours of the astral, and illusion of the mental realm. Detachment gives way to freedom, true liberation.

Sara Cartwright shared the acronym RAARTM, created by one of her teachers, Roger Stair, as a helpful guide in our process discussing the astral vehicle. This acronym represents — • Recognize • Acknowledge • Accept • Respond. We utilized these words as a point of reference striving toward deeper understanding of purifying emotions.

In the past eighteen years, I have come to realize a basic formula that has helped me contemplate our evolving self, synthesizing mind and heart toward purification of our lower nature. Although I didn’t interject this realization in group, it includes some of what was discussed, offering another perspective of pondering our expansion of self.

First, and foremost, as we unfold unto the ‘jewel in the lotus’ we may consider the following:

1- Observe & Be Aware: Notice what you notice. What is presenting before you that needs to be reconciled. Each observation opens a new door to information about self.

2- Discern: Recognize what is and what isn’t. Subtle energies reveal truths and untruths.

3- Willingness: Are you willing to make change, detach and move on? Are you willing to do whatever it takes to act upon this approach to dis- identification?

4- Act. Make the change and detach, ultimately leading toward greater insight and liberation.

5- Gratitude. Always be grateful for the change.

6- Repeat.

PURIFICATION is the process required for the elevation and expansion of this lower nature. When we become aware of our polar needs and act upon it, we become integrated. Learning to release attachments to emotional outcome, comes from the higher level above it. The emotional body cannot be controlled by the emotional body. Einstein said, “You can’t solve a problem at the same level that caused it.” Here we seek out the mental vehicle, to clarify the content of the mind. The Bhagavad Gita states (6:34-35, T. Saraydarian),

“. . .The mind . . . is restless, turbulent, forceful, and unyielding. To control it is as hard as to control the wind . . . but by practice and by detachment, it can possibly be controlled.”

T.Saraydarian expresses, “The emotional world is like the waters of the stormy sea, and the mind is like the atmosphere above it. They are closely inter- related that any motion in one affects the other.” (p. 73 “Becoming Oneself”).

It is our task to observe ourselves from a place of nonjudgment, then offer our emotional considerations to their higher counterparts, the mental realm.


THE MENTAL VEHICLE requires focus and concentration with regard to references. The mental vehicle houses false thoughts or illusions. This state of confusion is worked through with references pertaining to relationships and their correlation or connection to “this AND that”, rather than “this OR that”. The reference to AND is the effort toward making things whole.

We can’t possibly experience a sense of true synthesis considering the concept of ‘OR’. The element of ‘AND’ ignites the truth of synthesis naturally bringing about a higher understanding and perception in being. When polarities unite, the midpoint of balance comes ‘to be’. This symbolically represents the apex of the triangle.

To further clarify building personal references, we must ask ourselves the question, “What have I learned?” Dive into self-inquiry. Develop a point of reference to interpret life. For example, the churning within me when I was young, echoed a feeling of ‘not being good enough’.

Why did I feel this way, I ask myself? What is the cause and the effect? I looked at my life. I considered my family of origin, their attitudes and affect in life, etc. I clarified within the content of my mind, why things were the way they were.

I realized that I was not that. I began to question values so I didn’t become further conditioned to what I thought was true, which was indeed an illusion and a glamour. “What have I learned in this?” I gained a deeper awareness to choose carefully what was real and what was an illusion. Here self-responsibility and self-inquiry paved the way for self-clarification.

The essence of our mental work is about SYNTHESIS. We are birthing the personality at this level of work. The personality becomes a completely integrated human being. We expand further into the truth of being synthesized,

Self-inquiry & clarification develops a point of reference
to interpret life and it’s cause and effect. whole and One with Life.

WHO AM I? (the upright triangle)

Rene Fugere directed us in a classical exercise on deepening into the truth of being the clear benevolent observer, unlayering into the essence of self, the I consciousness. Who am I, became a resounding echo heard amidst our murmuring voices in the round.

The “I” is what makes us self-conscious and self-correcting. With the mind as the soul’s instrument, the loving essence of the “I” consciousness can see the deep cause of things, for it is ever watchful. It strives to be in an attitude of nonjudgment and pure love.


We honored each others’ experiences, as we were reaching toward the final stretch of the day – Perspective of the Soul.

PERSPECTIVE OF THE SOUL. This perspective generates cultivation toward mastership. Mastery of self in all areas of our life, is the key to our soul’s evolution. Discipline, purification, and self-inquiry directs the lower nature toward personality integration.

Grounding oneself in the practice of alignment in daily living, offers expansion in responsiveness to increasing subtle influences and impressions. Development in clarifying the Rays and one’s own primary Ray identification continues to build the Rainbow Bridge, advancing toward soul infusion.

So the lines on the left margin of our group’s symbol, indicate the ever- present building of this great bridge, synthesizing into one’s True Self. “Step by step and stage by stage we construct that path, just as the spider spins its thread. It is that way back which we evolve out of ourselves.” (Master D.K.)

When we begin to understand where we are energetically moving, how to address balance, recognize shifts as they present, interface soul with personality and call in soul energy, we are climbing the ladder toward soul-infusion.

Lao Zi in the Tao De Ching, verse 47, said, “There is no need to run outside for better seeing nor to peer from a window. Rather abide at the center of your being, for the more you leave it the less you learn. Search your heart to see, if he is wise who takes each turn. The way to do is to be.” The way to be – practice meditation. With the lower nature purified, now the integrated personality becomes the temple of beauty, goodness and truth for the expression of soul, ‘to be”.

A poem of simple measure poured through me back in 1993 about ‘being.’ It was published inView From the Mountaintop: A Journey into Wholeness 1995. Below are a few verses to enlighten our concept of synthesis.

“To Be” is to release the intention
of any wrong or right,
Holding in our hearts the present stillness
of the light.

“To Be” is to dissolve association
in the laws of duality,
Recognizing the spirit in all,
love’s arms embracing reality.

So it is the realm of “Being”
that lifts our hearts and souls,
“To Be” liberated in a timeless reality,
detached from the drama of control.


Life becomes a meditation as we master our energy, walking in the Oneness of All That IS. Integrated, fused and synthesized into the greatness and Oneness of Life – an awesome expression of the dance of life, the tango of . . .

Personality AND Soul?

I Am the Soul
I Am the Light Divine
I Am Love
I Am Will
I Am Fixed Design