Sacred Geometry

SACRED GEOMETRY is an ancient science and a sacred language. It is a key to understanding the way the universe is designed because it is the most fundamental of all the laws of Nature. This language has the ability to balance and inform. It creates character and essence. Shapes and the lines that form them create special keynotes for the qualities of life that manifest in our universe (macrocosm) and within our individual souls (microcosm). Images, designs, glyphs, and symbols provide us with an avenue to awaken archetypal knowledge. The vibration alone is a powerful tool for the subconscious and super-conscious mind to say aha! Symbols present to us all the time, we may draw a correlation between what is occur-ring in life with the expression of the symbol showing up – we may ponder and consider what is real and what is an illusion.

Pythagoras said, “God geometrizes.”

The circle represents eternity, unity, oneness, cyclic law, continuity, creation, center, macrocosm, everlasting life. The Circle is a line beginning at a point and traveling in a curve until it returns to the same point; it has no beginning and no end. The true circle is ever-expanding, representing manifestation. It also represents 360 degrees – whole truth, rather than a partial truth of 180 degrees (the triangle).

The line represents the principle of duality, or the law of opposites. It is a motion that runs in two opposing directions, vertical and horizontal, as well as left and right. The vertical line symbolically represents spirit descending into matter, also known as the path of forthcoming. It has masculine qualities; it is outgoing, dynamic, energetic, and commanding. Its opposition or polarity is the horizontal line representing the soul energy, the feminine, the receptive and absorptive qualities of mother earth. This line is an ancient symbol for matter and the material world.

The triangle represents the three in one; the one in three, the binding principle, balance; attaching; creativity; descent into matter; the marriage of opposites, the number of the perfect human. The triangle is the first closed form that can be made with single lines. It represents the Trinity – Father Son Holy Spirit; Brahma Shiva Vishnu; Spirit Soul Matter; Super-conscious Subconscious Conscious. Triangle is 180 degrees, meaning partial truth.

The square represents manifestation; the four elements, base, foundation and 360 degrees. The four lines of the square are symbolic of the earth. There are four points on the compass, four elements of fire, earth, air, water, the four points of the cross, etc. Salt crystallizes in cube form. We are the salt of the earth. Four parts of our constitution now add the physical body to the triangle of mind, soul, and Spirit. The parallelogram, as well as square, contain as the circle, 360 degrees or all truths. It expresses complete attainment. Fulfillment is possible here on earth in a physical body.

A regular cross represents sacrifice. An equal-arm cross represents fairness, balance, justice and equality. The point of intersection in the equal-arm cross represents the heart of balance in our higher nature and lower nature (spirit and matter).

The swastika is the cross in motion. As it moves there are four streams of energy (earth, water, air, fire), emanations from the trinity and wheel of fire.

The diamond represents the macrocosm (upper portion) and the microcosm (lower portion). This is where we investigate life lessons by experiencing truth’s opposite (the mirror reflection of the upper aspect of the diamond).

THE PENTAGRAM (Five Pointed Star) –
The five pointed star represents the symbol for man. You can imagine the apex of the star being the head, the arms and the legs. It symbolizes the mental principle, higher mind, intelligent activity, and the five lower principles (physical, etheric, astral, lower mental and higher mental). The pentagram represents the mind striving toward its’ intuitive nature.

THE HEXAGRAM (Six Pointed Star) –
The hexagram represents the balance of masculine and feminine energies. It is the higher and lower aspects of self merging, blending, integrating and fusing. The two levels of reality – the spiritual and the material integrate as the six-pointed star, the Star of David, which equals 360 degrees – representing all truth.

In the two interlaced triangles, the Philosopher’s Diamond or the Star of David, expresses “As above So Below” the Hermetic Principle and Law of Correspondence shared the mirror reflect-ion of life. The Godhead from above (triangle) is reflected in the material world below (inverted triangle) therefore, what we see in the world of matter is merely a reflection of the truth.

We live in a world of illusion and view things upside down. What appears to be polar opposites births a third and higher principle sitting at the apex of the triangle. This symbol brings us to 1 and 2 and 3.

Geometry validates the theory we see only half the truth with a triangle . The sum of the angles of the triangle is 180 degrees; the sum of the angles of a square is 360 degrees; and a circle contains 360 degrees.

When we place a triangle atop of an inverted triangle; we see each is made up of 180 degrees or half the square and circle. A circle contains all truth and wisdom; it is the Godhead or the Point of Truth. When we integrate or synthesize these triangles together we get 360 degrees, or all the truth.

Symbolically the lower inverted triangle looks to the spirit in the upper triangle to find all the truth, otherwise we remain in a shadow land of distortion in truths.

When we practice our Lotus Heart Meditation and imagine sitting on our path of life, between the Mountain of Spirit behind us (the upright triangle) and the Lake of Peace before us (reflecting the mountain), we are able to gain an energetic integrated, synthesized expression of this truth symbolically in our etheric fields. We are organically bringing to fruition our higher nature and lower nature, where the soul is in the drivers’ seat and the ego in the back seat, guiding one’s vehicle.

The seven points of this star radiate at equal distances. They represent the seven rays (seven streams of force; the seven qualities of God expressing individualized attributes of divine nature), the Great Breath, the septenary, the number of completion, the sacred number of Nature.

This figure laying on its side represents the integration of energies flowing back and forth, synthesizing masculine and feminine energies. The point of intersection is the point of integration of both. This form reveals the constant generating force of eternal truth, whether vertical or horizontal. It stands for involution and evolution, for cycles ebb and flow, the inside is like the outside and the outside like the in. It represents infinity, advancement, strength and confidence. It is a sacred healing symbol emanating equality, balance, and rhythm . . . rhythm inherent in the Nature of All things.

This shape has eight surfaces of equal dimension – eight square surfaces and three dimensions. It symbolizes two squares, one spiritual – one material, one electrical and one magnetic. It is the Square of Manifestation. The cube symbolizes Nature, or one who has mastered the Nature, the manifest with the un-manifest, a free karmic agent – one whose individual and universal nature have merged. The Cube is a symbol of Spirit’s descent into matter and its Great Return.

Here, the union of three circles reveals the presence of six semicircles. No ego remains. This is the merging of physical matter with mind and spirit. God is not separate from us, nor we from God.

SQUARING THE CIRCLE (is the number twelve) –
The Divine Trinity (because whirling triangles are what create the circle) within the Four. The Circle is the symbol of UNITY, with no beginning and no end. The Square is the symbol for MANIFESTATION. “Squaring the Circle” is Unity in Manifestation, the mastery of alchemy and magic. The energy flows outward toward the periphery into the World of Form, the Evolutionary ‘out-breath,’ the art of creation.

CIRCLING THE SQUARE (also the number twelve) –
Earth, Water, Air, Fire drawn back into the Divine Trinity. Flowing back to the center, to Source, which is the evolutionary ‘in-breath.’ Bringing the manifested universe into harmony with the center within. Symbolizing the closing of a cycle.

The Spiral represents growth and change, the process of evolution, always at a new point on the path when kept moving, seeing life with new eyes each day if self-aware and mindful. The spiral moves toward the center, outside in, symbolizing the path of forthcoming, from spirit to matter (involution). The path from the center outward symbolizes the path of return (evolution).

{Information adapted from Jacquelyn Small’s handout on Sacred Geometry. For more information, please visit her website, Eupsychia, is a “new paradigm” educational institute and service organization founded by Jacquelyn Small in 1975. They offer training and healing programs throughout the country for everyone seeking knowledge and experience of personal transformation and soul-based psychology.}