Global Heart Awakens 11:11:11

The nature of our time is in great change. As this global shift takes place, each one of us is called to be in a place of self-honest reflection. What we once easily suppressed and held within the cavernous depths of self, is being unearthed, cleared and released from old patterns of the past, emerging into a new way of being, expressing, sharing, loving, and acting. As we hear the echoes of oneness upon the voices of many a leader and teacher, it is time to be it and live it. When we each resolve the differences within the self – the reflection of this will translate out in the world and create a more unified, harmonic global consciousness on earth. Yes, we come to realize that it’s through crisis, transformation takes place. Reconciling our differences in duality creates a new position and posture of balance through neutrality. This is when we can embody ‘this’ and ‘that’ (understanding both sides of the coin) to synthesize the two, birthing a heightened sense of awareness. We each carry a light of truth, that together we burn the collective Light of Oneness, Goodness, Beauty, and Love.

We are AWAKENING now to a new time, a new way, a new energetic frequency, a new collective consciousness…… which has been gradually presenting for a very long time. A friend of mine said to me ten years ago, “Lee Ann, put on your etheric seatbelt, because we are in for quite a ride.” She was right – an accelerated ride indeed. Each one of us, however, must recognize that we are in the driver’s seat. We each much take responsibility for our thoughts, our words, our actions, and discover the collective impulse we tap into through our inner and outer expressions of self.
November 11, 2011 marks a time in history of our global heart expanding and opening for the greatest good of the whole. As we leave an old paradigm behind, we step forth upon the threshold of a new paradigm, offering a shift to bring balance, harmony, peace and a universal love forth. Pythagoras said, “Eleven is the number of a cycle of new beginnings.”

In Master Numbers, Faith Javane tells us that – “Eleven is the number of LIGHT. We live now in these spirals of awakening …… and Truth must be the primary objective as we enter realms hitherto unknown and considered.” May we enter into the light of universal consciousness open & receptive.

Let’s give thanks for this shared consciousness. May we all celebrate in our own way 11.11.11 (ie. a silent meditation, spending time with family/friends, preparing a meal to share, etc.) declaring our collective brotherhood and sisterhood. So may it be and help us all to do our parts. Thank you for your contributions to this great effort.

~ Lee Ann


(I invite you to read an article entitled, The Awakening, by William Meader – it provides much depth into the nature of our times. Visit