Students Awake, Aware, and Attuned

Life pressures can take a toll on the physical body (fatigue), on the emotional body (sadness and frustration); and on the mental body (ruminating and over-analyzing). As a high school or university student, it is essential to be prepared for academic and life challenges. Fundamental skills and techniques in relaxation and mindfulness training can alter a moment of potential stress into a moment of calm understanding.

“The forest will answer you in the way you call to it.”

—Finnish Proverb

Over time each one of us becomes more self-aware about the choices we make and our responsibility to the outcome. Students realize the impact the mind has on the body. They recognize the importance of internal cultivation and choosing to live a life of positive thought, right action, and sharing kind words. Whether Heart Math, yoga, swimming or running the track, they learn to synchronize with the rhythms of life, recognizing what is out of sync, what is off balance and perhaps what feels closed down.

We are affected by the energetic quality of life. Positive or negative outcome, constructive or destructive, it has an impact on our entire constitution and subtle energy body. We have the ability to bring balance and harmony to our life by nourishing the self through the simplicity of being present in the soothing vibrations of sound, voice and guided imagery.

Gather a group of friends, a class, the track team, etc. and enjoy a customized guided sound journey. I have student discounts at $10/ person, however, if that is too steep, pay what you can, or nothing at all — as long as you have a sincere desire to participate in your conscious expansion of Self.

Note from Lee Ann: This part of my work is very special to me, as I have been working with young adults since 1986 when I became ad hoc faculty at UWM in bodymind integration.

In 2000 when my sons were students in the Whitefish Bay school system, I realized my childhood friend, Terry Copeland, was the health teacher at the high school. We collaborated on creating a program for the high school students that would guide them to de-stress and ignite their inner wisdom. This program was initiated in 2003 and continues today after Terry’s retirement, under the guidance of an exemplary teacher, Kari Burden.   As an active Bay parent for many years, it is my joy and pleasure to guide students to become self-aware and self-empowered.