Transformation of Self: Sound Healing Journeys Foster Unfoldment of Self

“The soul unfolds itself like a lotus of countless petals.”     ~Kahlil Gibran

  1. We are vibration beings humming to the resonant frequency of the Universe. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. This is about AND rather than OR, meaning ‘not this OR that’(black and white thinking) ……. we are spiritual beings ‘AND’ we are living in the human condition (multi-dimensional in scope). We are that which we seek.
  2. We are RE-MEMBERing our Truth, from whence we have come (forthcoming) to the
    path of return. We grow, evolve and transform, into the greater aspect of self, seeking to understand what blocks our free expression of higher self (soul) and how we are able to free the blockages and distortions we hold about ourselves. When we are able to free ourselves, we able to assist another in the process.
  3. EXPANSION OF CONSCIOUSNESS involves EMOTIONALLY releasing what is ready to be released. We strive toward purifying our physical, psychological and spiritual natures, and then integrate and synthesize them into a healthy sense of self. This process and experience however, is not always pleasant or comfortable, as is experienced in a sound healing journey.
  4. Whatever blockage, hindrance, disturbance or distortion presents, is doing so for a reason. Anything that is incongruent with our evolving self, will percolate to the surface of self, nudging us to grow into the corners of self, shining the light of day with an offering of clarity we could never have known if we didn’t consider ‘this AND that’. The dualistic nature finds its middle way – the point of balance when they come together AND synthesize (i.e. sadness AND joy = inner peace)
  5. We can pave the way cultivating a healthy personality through effort and discipline in conscious awareness. Your higher self (soul) is a gentle voice of subtle direction and guidance. Personality (ego) sounds more like an “inner critic”, often times masquerading ‘as if’ your soul. It tries to get away with camouflaging itself, persuading you to do the mundane, follow the path of least resistance, rather than be the soul you are and ‘create change and transform all aspects of self. Soul shall encourage, empower and love you while demonstrating clarity, forgiveness, humility and positivity. This demonstrates a friction of opposites, as the ego is harsh, critical and judgmental.
  6. The Lotus Heart Sound Journey guides participants upon the path of purification. Unfoldment of self is like a thousand-petal lotus, each petal opens in ‘right time and
    right action’ to reveal one’s soulful inner light, shining forth upon the ego to dissipate its grip of control and distortion of self. Self-love, self-acceptance, and self-respect will tenderly show itself, while discernment is cultivated and illusion falls away. LISTEN. TRUST. LEARN. BE.

7. Express gratitude everyday for the abundance that is yours and ours collectively as One.

“If thine eye be single, thy whole body be filled with light.” ~ Master Jesus

“Use the light that is in you to recover your natural clearness of sight.” ~ Lao Zi