Alchemy of Treasure Mapping

Why Treasure Map?

The Alchemy of Treasure Mapping Inner-Workshop is a personal journey to take any time you would like to create a vision for manifesting something in your life. You may want to use it for:

  • a time of uncertainty or change
  • a shift in attitude
  • healing your emotional body
  • healing from an illness
  • growing personally and spiritually
  • creating a vision for a positive future

The Alchemy that occurs is that the soul-directed map you create is actually what has already occurred in your future potential. Lee Ann's masterful guidance in this Inner-Workshop helps prepare you to create from your heart so that what comes back to you is in perfect alignment with your highest good in accordance with your soul.

The Alchemy of Treasure Mapping Inner-Workshop includes:

  • Inner-Workshop preparation checklist
  • Inner-Workshop Guide
  • 2-hour Inner-Workshop video with 
    • welcome/education
    • step-by-step instructions to create your personal Treasure Map
    • soul/spirit preparation 
    • sound journey to purify and pave the way for the creation of your treasure map

Available for a limited time

until Jul 31, 2021



Please Note: You will have access to the recording until July 31, 2021

What people are saying about the Inner-Workshop

"Treasure mapping is my favorite workshop, as I eagerly anticipate it every year. It goes beyond a vision board, as we are guided to discover the creative expression of our souls journey. Our veneer of constraint melts away as LeeAnn guides us on a sound healing experience. Her gentle but powerful guidance elicits the hum of the universe with light love and healing. It is truly a map of the treasures we are."

K. Gillan

" was very personal and profound. Every aspect of the workshop is an accumulation of the end result, your personalized treasure map. Showing your life and showing the possibilities of your life and showing your personal intentions for the next year. With LeeAnn’s instructional guidance and focus to detail within the Alchemy Treasure Mapping process you will see amazing things that will present and unfold to you personally giving direction and understanding. It truly is an experience of its own validity."

Shiela Goodman

"This workshop is a fun, creative way to side step the thinking mind and allow the intuitive super consciousness to come forward.

Lee Ann is an excellent teacher. She has condensed the instructions and infuses fun into the process."

Mary Ann Morrissey

"Fantastic, Amazing, Awakening, Heart Opening, Rejuvenating ... the best hidden treasure:+)

It changes the way I focus on my positive aspects. It leads me every morning to focus on the positive possibilities for my now and the future. Thank you!"

Kim Hall

Wisdom words from Lee Ann on Treasure Mapping

A TREASURE MAP is a creative artistic expression, a visionary design with an elevated vibration of an ideal or impression to be made manifest. It is a spiritual art-form soulfully created.

It is a collage-like vision board revealing the subtle energetic vibration of intention, colors, words, sounds, declarations and divinity, of what ‘is to be’.

An emerging gnosis (knowingness) lights the way through the embodiment of universal principles and the precept of essential oneness.

The Deeper "Why?" of Treasure Mapping

  • It cultivates our higher learning or higher abstract mind while manifesting and bringing to fruition an ideal
  • It contributes to the expansion of consciousness
  • It encourages internal adjustments and the intuitive process

The SOUL recalls and grows through a process of RECOGNITION to awaken and remember its larger life. The EGO learns through COGNITION, computing and organizing data from its past experiences. It is our task to learn to utilize both sides of our brain. Thus we seek to blend any split within our nature, weaving the energetic activation of the lemniscate (infinity/figure 8), synthesizing East & West, left and right, masculine and feminine.

May we all be transformed by the renewing of our minds, opening of our hearts and loving embrace of our souls. Self-transformation yields global transformation.

Available for a limited time until

Jul 31, 2021


Please Note: You will have access to the recording until July 31, 2021