Line – Dyad – Vesica Pisces

Line – Dyad – Vesica Pisces

SACRED GEOMETRY is an ancient science and a sacred language.  It is a key to understanding the way the universe is designed because it is the most fundamental of all the laws of Nature.   This language has the ability to balance and inform.  It creates character and essence.  Shapes and the lines that form them create special keynotes for the qualities of life that manifest in our universe (macrocosm) and within our individual souls (microcosm).

Images, designs, glyphs, and symbols provide us with an avenue to awaken archetypal knowledge.  The vibration alone is a powerful tool for the subconscious and super-conscious mind to say aha!  Symbols present to us all the time, we may draw a correlation between what is occurring in life with the expression of the symbol showing up – we may ponder and consider what is real and what is an illusion.

WE DISCUSSED THE POINT in a previous Mandala Message of Wisdom.  This is where it all begins.  We’ve shared about the SPIRAL & CIRCLE.  The POINT alone is without dimension – it is the source from which all other shapes can follow.  The concept of no-thing sits in the ever-present position of the POINT, a physical and nonphysical framework which places the POINT in the center of a mandala.

So what comes into being after the POINT — that’s right —– the LINE.

Line is the first dimension coming into being as the ONE merges into TWO.  This two represents the active and the passive.  As the POINT chooses to move outside itself in direction, a sense of separation comes into being with the LINE.

Now the line can create form in three ways:

1) One end of the line remains stationary (passive) while the other end is free to move about in CIRCLE representing Heaven, Source, no beginning no end, wholeness, etc.

2)  The other end, which is the active point, can move to a third position which is equidistant thus describing an equilateral TRIANGLE.

3)  The line forms a third form where the end point describes equal distances creating a SQUARE, representing Earth, manifestation (more later).

The Circle represents eternity, unity, oneness, cyclic law, continuity, creation, center, macrocosm, everlasting life.  The Circle is a line beginning at a point and traveling in a curve until it returns to the same point; it has no beginning and no end.  The true circle is ever-expanding, representing manifestation.  It also represents 360 degrees – whole truth, rather than a partial truth of 180 degrees (the triangle).

The Line ~ continued

The line represents the principle of duality, or the law of opposites.  It is a motion that runs in two opposing directions, vertical and horizontal, as well as left and right.  Here polarity comes to be, as well as the intersection of two concentric circles.  We need polarity to create friction between opposites.

Create and grow – an element true to the nature of polarity.  Positive and negative poles create a charge pulling them together, as in a magnetic force (or repelling) – It represents the two moving forth to regain a state of unity and wholeness found in the original state of consciousness in the circle. So the two seek to find balance, harmony, the middle way, the point of center and middle ground.

Concentric Circles ~ DYAD

Let’s consider the two circles sharing a common center, where they overlap, creating an almond shape through a point of intersection. The second circle is created through the process of reflection.  When we look at our self in the mirror, we see our reflection, although not real.  The reflected circle isn’t real either, it is an illusion, but it provides us with a stepping stone to create the illusion of duality (separation). Although the two-ness of duets can bring a togetherness, it can also represent a division or falling apart. We find the beginning of the dyad, whereby the two overlap representing duality of two.  The almond shape in the middle is called the vesicle piscis (A Latin term meaning ‘fish bladder).  We move from one to two, while distinction comes into being in the dyad.  Here we begin to recognize the difference between ‘This’ And ‘That’ (subject and object), a negative charge and a positive charge, which ultimately arise from the ineffable, singular One.  If we didn’t have the dual nature of things, how would we embrace light from the darkness, male from female, right from left, etc.

Everything takes us back to the POINT, the DOT, of which we really can’t locate or point to because it is an infinite place wherein everything resides and all springs forth from.  Wow!  Connected – oh yes!! When we engage with duality and live life from one extreme or the other we are denying our self of the integration of the two, or the unification Of THIS AND THAT.  Living a life of extremes creates suffering.  When we recognize the dyad (the almond shape combining the two concentric circles) it isn’t separate from but really is part of the circles – we too are that!  We are connected to the entire universe.  We are wholly (holy sacred beings) striving to free the self from the illusion of separation – returning to our original state of unity consciousness, whole and One with Life.

Thus the two, the dyad, birth a third – it is the portal, the almond-shaped doorway to a new existence, a third way of seeing things, a heightened sense of awareness.  Sooooooo …. One begets Two, and Two begets a Third, a heightened awareness placing us at the apex of the triangle.