Soul Calendar & Lemniscate – Part II

Featured Image by Francine Hart, Visionary Artist, ‘Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck’


Rudolf Steiner shared The SOUL Calendar in 1912.  His verses of poetic vibration encourage soul’s evolution and full expression of One-Self.  The verses represent a vibration frequency related to the nature of synthesis.  It is my understanding of synthesis, as he doesn’t speak of it as this.

I am compelled to share ‘synthesis’ as an important element in the current nature of our times.  Synthesis is the result of awakening to the sense of Oneness.  The ushering in of the Aquarian Age is the Age of Synthesis.  The whole Cosmos is reflected in the heart, and the center of synthesis is the heart.  It is the relationship between our heart and the Cosmic Heart that opens the gates of synthesis.  It is our heart center that causes transformation of the throat center to function as the instrument of synthesis.  Thus we strive to evolve consciously and bring our energy centers into alignment and balance.

You may better understand my correlation to the symbol lemniscate and the energetic activation of synthesis.  The Bernoulli lemniscate (figure 8) weaves and integrates in a rhythmic movement the heights with the depths, the within with the without.

The movement of our in-breath and out-breath mirrors the Universe during the yearly cycles. It is a natural progression in the seasonal changes and the mysteries spiritual celebrations of Christ-mas (Winter Solstice) & Summer Solstice; Easter-tide (Vernal Equinox) & Michael-mas (Autumnal Equinox) which carries a creative impulse for life.

I have been working with symbols all my life.  The lemniscate has been coming to me in conjunction with the study of harmonic healing, vibration of sound and nature contemplation.  Since the creation of The Lotus Heart Sound Journey the lemniscate represents the impulse of divine creative expression weaving the nature of oneself to One-Self.  The point of intersection blends any sense of extremes into a point of truth, back to the One, non-dual nature.

Imagine an equal-armed cross, you can see it visually when drawn on paper.  The invisible energetic quality weaving this symbol in ‘right relationship’ is the lemniscate.  Imagine the lemniscate weaving the vertical arm of the equal-arm cross and the horizontal.  It is the energetic activation of the symbol itself.  It is the impulse behind what creates the truth of the symbol (i.e. fairness, equality, harmony, balance, integration, justice and right relationship).

So you see, the lemniscate has extraordinary healing potentials on all levels, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  Consider the form of the lemniscate in the caduceus, spider’s body (8); the movement of hummingbird’s wings; DNA; ida and pingala (female/male) energies weaving up the spine; the analemma relationship of Sun & Earth in year cycle.  And lastly, consider the chanting sound impulse of the sacred God names and holy mantras synthesizing the energy of Yod He Vav He or Ek Ong Kar (God is One) and other sacred sounds.  Can you feel the divine creative impulse arise?

When Master Jesus was teaching his disciples about dissolving dualism, he spoke to them about the synthesizing nature of opposites.  It is here I see in my imagination the dimensional quality of the lemniscate, relating the story of the ancient Greek marathon runner.  Upon throwing his head-band (lemma) down on the ground, he became transfixed on the figure 8 form it created.  He recognized in this configuration the inside became the outside and the outside the inside.  Symbols speak to us when we pay attention.

Jesus said to his disciples, taken from the Gospel of Thomas, “When you make the two one, and when you make the inside like the outside and the outside like the inside, and the above like the below, and when make the male and the female one and the same – then you will enter the kingdom.”

I invite you to ponder Rudolf Steiner’s 52 verses beginning the week of Easter. Focus on the verse for the week along with the graphic drawn by Atonka who is expressing the Cosmic Pharmacy (based on sacred symbols).

The energetic rhythmic sway inherent in music and the spoken word (poetry) is experienced subliminally in our depths of being, an impulse to move.  Our human form is divinely constructed from the source of sound.  Words hold power and cannot be separated from its’ sound as an impulse or ‘eurythmic gesture’.

From Barbara Betteridge’s The Soul Calendar, she shared, “Dr. Karl Konig in one of his essays on the Soul Calendar marveled at the way every word is just the right word in just the right place.  It rests there, we might suggest, waiting for its cue, for its time in the course of the year to speak to the questing human gemuet* (soul), to the seeking heart, to be spoken by the human voice and given back to the cosmos and its divinities by way of the human breath, in a delicate intercourse’ (synthesis).

Barbara eloquently expresses …….. “This gemuet is not identical with the heart, I would come to realize, but dwells ‘beside’ the heart in the human breast, forming by way of perceptive feeling a kind of bridge between the brain with its intellectual thinking and the heart as organ of higher consciousness and moral will. Heart and gemuet together, then, may be seen to be essential not only in reuniting Man with the divine sources of his origin, but in supporting him in his appointed tasks as a co-creator in ‘world-becoming.” (‘The Soul Calendar & The Lemniscate’ by Barbara Betteridge, 2004 Rudolf Steiner College Press.)

The verses are for us to ponder and meditate upon.  It is through the sound we find silence.  It is in the form we realize the formless.  It is in the out-breath we dance with the in-breath.  It is in the movement we delight in the rest.  As Pythagoras said, “God geometrizes”, Steiner said, “God eurythmeizes” – Ponder.

In honor & respect ~  Lee Ann Dzelzkalns